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‘The Aarti’ Image kindly supplied by PomPom

I love a good hat. A good hat with a pompom is something hard to find. The slouch, the way it sits, is all so important as slightly wrong and I look like a small boy in a bad hat bought by his gran. Done well and you get sexy, ski bunny (a girl can dream). So when I caught myself drooling over PomPom’s Instagram  page, I knew I had to get in touch.

Small but Mighty (at the minute, but they’re going to be massive) PomPom brand fits Queenstown Life perfectly. Great slouch, good colours, and a delightful pompom that even the staunchest of Kiwi’s can carry off. I wanted one and I wanted to shout it out to you gorgeous readers. Because you too need to look awesome walking to work in this cold season and obviously make everyone jealous too.

When it arrives on your doormat it’s so exciting too! A gorgeous cardboard tube, pop off the lid and you’re greeted with a deliciously fluffy beautiful pompom right inside. What could be better than that!?

pompom Queenstown

So many ways to wear it

pompom Queenstown

It’s freezing! Put a POM POM on!


Didn’t even notice the mountains with that hat!

I asked the gorgeous Ally some questions about her brand and her love of skiing.

What does Auckland and Queenstown both mean to you. What do you love about them?
I’m originally from Wellington but now based in Auckland. Auckland is where 2 out of 3 of my siblings live (and 2 beautiful nieces) so it’s like home to me. I’m trying to recruit my parents up here from Welly. 
Queenstown is where I learned to ski at the ripe old age of 5. I ADORE this part of the world and have spent some amazing times down there. I love skiing and spend as much time in the snow as I can. It absolutely rocks down there….coolest people (excuse the pun), best times.
Pompoms – why?
POMPOM was born from a very organic process. I love hats of all kinds and have been wearing them since I was young. They can change a mood, outfit, vibe of a day and always make you feel special and unique. When I was doing my first ski season in the French Alps I couldn’t find a decent beanie no matter where I looked. I was looking for uniquely styled beanies plus exceptional quality. More recently I was looking for a beanie with a Pom Pom (plus the perfect amount of slouch) and again I had the same problem here in NZ. So I decided to create some, with a fresh outlook on a simple concept and add on a Pom Pom as my own personal touch, hence the creation of POMPOM. 
Favourite winter activities
Skiing, skiing and more skiing (especially heli-skiing in fresh powder). Gym-ming (I love pump and grit at Les Mills) and reading. I am really into Ted talks also and learning about people from all over the world who are living and creating their dreams. Spending time with my family, especially my two gorgeous nieces who lighten up my heart. I can spend hours with them playing make believe games, reading stories and cuddles. Time stands still
Stockists here
In store at Seletti (69 Beach Street, Queenstown) plus many more soon to be announced.
Who are you and how did you get here
I’m Ally. I am a fun loving, enthusiastic soul with a determination to fulfil any passions that inspire me throughout life. After travelling the world for 3 and a half years, I then gained a degree in nursing and worked as a paedeatric nurse. I so loved the ability to help people and build meaningful relationships to enable change and have continued to use this model for my more recent ventures. After then delving into the fashion industry with other leading brands I decided it was time to make my own vision come to life. 
Top 3 things to do in Queenstown.
Of course skiing in winter and wakeboarding on the lake in summer. Enjoying and soaking up all the beautiful scenery that’s on offer. Eating and drinking coffee in some of the best cafes and bars in NZ and the world! Is that 3? 
I am so in love with what this woman is doing and am so proud to bring you the hats. Go find them right now!
Thank you so much Ally! Find PomPom hats here: