Queenstown Life Tenth Birthday

Kia ora! Welcome to my blog 

I’m Jane, a Uk born citizen of Aoteroa, New Zealand. And completely head over heels in love in Queenstown. 

I am a blogger, podcaster, photographer, coach and mama.

I utterly love women and supporting them with the stuff we all struggle with but don’t talk about: Overwhelm, money, boundaries and giving ourselves the permission to do work and build businesses that WE want.

Work with me

I offer 1:1 business coaching for women who are stuck, frozen or wondering ‘how’. Women who want to uncover the next stage in their work journey. 

I have been coaching and working with women for over 20 years.

Queenstown Life Podcast 

I have been speaking to and collecting the stories of women for over 10 years. You can find it here on Apple and Spotify.

You can find me on FacebookInstagram and Linkedin
Email me: [email protected]

Speaking Events 

BlahBlah Events ‘Women on Top’ event in 2022 where I had the opportunity to discuss my podcast and work in the family + sexual violence sector with Rachel Taane. 



The National Recreation ‘Waves’ Conference
‘It takes a village’: family violence and your staff