I’m a women’s business coach.

What does that mean? It means I am a new set of eyes, a torch, someone not involved that can help you through blocks, ‘feeling stuck’.

My expertise is working with women around money, time and boundaries. Those women who want to start or get back to prioritising themselves as something is just not working. Employees, side hustlers or business owners.

I offer 1:1 coaching in a safe space where you can explore anything and everything on your terms.

It just takes one question “When can I start?”

8 + 14 =

Jane’s Crystal Ball Vision process has helped me get really clear on what my goal is for the year. This helps me move out of it just being in my head and finally getting it onto paper and through a proper process to achieve it. I really appreciate Jane being in my corner, reminding me I can do “all the things” I just need to make sure they’re the things I really want to do and understand the process to achieve them. 


CEO , Business woman Australia

Working with Jane from QT Life was a breeze. It was a very simple and speedy process as we came to an agreement of what worked within both budgets. She was very quick to respond and went beyond what we’d agreed to, with extra posts, photos and even mini videos showcasing our products.

I would definitely recommend using Jane’s blog / social platform as a way to boost your reach, particularly if your business is available for a wide and international audience ie. in Queenstown.

She kept us in the loop through the whole process and was very attentive. Thanks Jane – you’re a star ! X

Georgie Hendl

Owner, I Am Co

Bloody hell, you’re amazing…

sweet read Jane, love it 🙂

Amie Saxton

Owner, Lusso Store

The day I met Jane I knew we were going to work together.

She exudes energy and creativity and has this passion for small business in New Zealand to help keep communities alive. How can you not want to be part of that! Jane and her team have become part of our story and I am glad to say we are part of hers too! I can 100% say that QL is worth it.


Further Faster

It takes a very special person to understand the nuances of the many forms of social media and the different drives, motivations and expectations of the people using these, and we found that Jane had this … and more!

Jane’s ability to “speak” social media language, in a way that complements the communication style we use at Remarkables Market has enabled her to spread our brand to a new audience, both within our already existing Facebook community as well as increasing our exposure in the Instagram followers.

We would definitely recommend Jane’s services.

Sherryn Smith

Market Manager, Remarkables Market

Jane from QUEENSTOWN LIFE has an infectious love for this town.

She positively celebrates all the happenings in this town with her own personal touch!

We have always loved having Jane on board with any of our happenings at Angel Divine as she projects them in a manner that is professional and full of life.


Angel Divine

Thank you so much for the update. The piece is wonderful!!

Thank you so very much for your efforts and for writing such a fantastic piece (you are so kind and sweet!). I think you did a fantastic job of describing our little business and with the same passion that we have for it.

Thank you, thank YOU, THANK YOU!

I am so glad that you enjoyed writing the piece – thanks for coming out and visiting our little eco-friendly world and spreading the Naked Baby word for us.

Ashley Stewart

Owner, Naked Baby

When I first met Jane at a networking breakfast I knew she was someone I wanted to connect with. Jane has helped me map out a plan to better engage my customers with social media. Not only did she get down to the nitty gritty of what I am going to do, when and how but also didn’t assume that I knew the lingo (as I didn’t) and explained the ‘why’ behind things. I have also had the opportunity to share my product with Jane which has featured in her blog and her style of writing is a breath of fresh air. I have already had additional bookings and made connections with other businesses in the industry through Jane. Even if you aren’t sure how your business can fit with what Jane does, I would highly recommend having a coffee and talking it out. She knows  what she is talking about and is a delight to be around.
Laura Moore

Ignition Self Drive