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Dark Black 

I first eyed up DarkBlack rings a number of years ago. I spied this badboy in a cabinet in Wanaka and vowed to make her mine one day.Then this weekend we came face to face again.  I was lucky enough to meet and cast my peepers over Jade Muirhead's gorgeous collection,...

The Find

This post is very special. Not because I'm the world's biggest cocktail in a teapot drinker, or I like a good backpacker night out, or even because I went to the World Bar 'back in the day'. (I actually did though) but because there is a real heart beating at the...

Relax It’s Done – The Bay House

An absolutely perfect way to see Queenstown and stay in some of the most beautiful accommodations we have here is to uncover Relax It's Done and do just that. Relax. I HATE trawling the internet for the perfect place to stay. I want it all infront of me, ready and...