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My Queenstown Life Week 3rd November

The week began with a full on gale. I mean literally not in my brain (which it sometimes feels like at the moment). Lashings of rain, snow, wind to blow even the stickiest of sticky wigs off and I had a full on grump Monday. It was my last long run planned and I...


I am involved in (many things I know) TEDxQueenstown this year. I'm so excited to be working with a group of individuals who want to bring exciting talks to the town and get you in on it. I've mentioned the word exciting and excited twice so it must be true. Your next...

Queenstown Life ‘Guest’ Colleen Pugh (Dunedin)

I spied Dear Colleen on Instagram where my beady (nosey) eyes loved her '100 days' project of drawing the food she ate every day for 100 days. Everything so intricate and lovely and also really interesting to see it all spread out on paper. I wanted to spread my wings...