Yum Granola Wanaka

If someone could ever fit my ‘small but mighty’ theme more, it’s this company. Yum are based in Wanaka and make the most mouth-watering Granola. It should be on that list your mum gives you when you’re a teenager, for things that you shouldn’t eat for breakfast…. Only it’s good for you. (So it’s not in the same category as mars bars, custard, lemonade or marmite sandwiches. I totally do not have custard for breakfast).

When I read words like organic, local where possible, ingredients you know and understand what they mean and don’t need a science degree and I’m hooked. I truly try and eat well for breakfast so I can at least say I’ve started well even if it depends into crisp sandwiches for the rest of the day, it started well.

Sarah Hedger is a clever lady (and I’m coming to the decision there are a lot of them around us here) and she’s kind of obsessed with her product. This I like as I’m a teeny bit obsessed with bringing you photos and info about Queenstown and Central and so a perfect blend of Granola and Queenstown Life was born. And here it is.

I tried the grain-free granola dark chocolate and the original and I actually said out loud “oh my life” in the kitchen. I was alone and even thought, yes, I talk to myself often, I actually spoke loudly as I ate. Delicious chocolatey coconut deliciousness for breakfast! I even mixed some in my porridge on day two. It goes well with yoghurt, ice-cream, porridge, with milk of all types, alone as a tasty snack, and for dinner, breakfast and lunch.

Yum. It certainly is. Healthy breakfasts and my mum is so proud. Thank you Sarah.


Yum Granola Wanaka