The Sherwood Restaurant Queenstown

I have seriously just had bad thoughts about what I would do to get past someone for roast potatoes. Have you been here yet? Are you completely looney if you reply “no”. The Sherwood. Welcome.

I timed my walk to The Sherwood. 10 minutes bar the little stumble of a run to get there quicker for the most scrumptious meal I’ve had in, well a while. I haven’t used the word scrumptious in about ten years so you know I’m serious.

Set out into sections of fire, earth, water, leaf, grain, nectar we got ourselves ready to dissect the menu that Ainsley (chef) explained to my date and I (stand down she’s my flatmate). We then ravished it all. Until there was nothing left. Not a morsal. I would seriously knock aside a rugby team for those potatoes. So good.

The Sherwood Restaurant Queenstown

It didn’t stay like this for long

The Sherwood has hit onto something magic, gold, sparkly. They are not in town, for one. Controversial some would say but it gives Goldfield Heights and the surrounds something new to experience without having to venture down the road, and they have something to add to the community as a whole. Music, food, yoga, business, cocktails, views, mountain biking, beer, accommodation – am I having to repeat myself. No. I didn’t think so.

I feel like I’ve made a new set of friends, family amongst the crew and it feels good. (They don’t know that yet, until I turn up everynight). It feels like something is being cultivated. Something exciting and something sincere. Veggie’s on the plate from the garden, staff who love what they sell, good wine to go with your special dish and views to die for. Well living here generally has views to die for but I’m adding effect. Catch my drift.

As we sat and watched mountain bikers well mountain bike and people laughing and enjoying food and the sunshine outside I could only sit back and secretly fall in love with what happens in this town over again.

The Sherwood Restaurant Queenstown

Orange, Strawberry and Kaikoura Labneh

We worked our way through a cocktail to start with at the bar. I chose one with champagne in it (because I’m posh- stop laughing at the back) and fruits and there was even a wee flower in it. So I was obviously all ok for my 5 a day. See Doctor this place is good for me! We then moved over to the end of the kitchen bar, a great place to sit as you can see what’s going on from all angles. And as I’m nosey (you know me well by now) a great place to people watch and take photos.

The Sherwood Restaurant Queenstown

Tomatoes from the garden

We then went to work demolishing Kohlrabi (a kind of cabbage) with rocket and capers. So light and crunchy and a perfect starter alongside the sweetest, freshest tomatoes of all colours in oil. Yum! A little Portuguese white wine to assist. I love to travel.
The Sherwood Restaurant Queenstown

Next up we shared Roast Merino lamb leg, sweet sweet spring carrots in wild Thyme, sauerkraut (which I’m addicted to), roast potatoes (don’t even touch mine) and raw asparagus with hazelnuts and chives. A gorgeous Pinot from Central Otago and you could knock me down with a kipper and roll me home. To finish a light dish of orange, strawberry and Kaikoura labneh (strained yoghurt). Perfect.

I love the fact that I didn’t feel sickly full too. I hate that. When you need to secretly open your belt because you might burst and your date might see that and wonder what’s going on. I didn’t have to do that, so all was ok on that front. And I said I was with my flatmate. Again stand down people.

We then wandered home (the secret way, I can’t tell you about because only Goldfield Heights members get to know) in a mere ten minutes with a gorgeous sunset to watch on the way. Smiling and satisfied we both said at the same time “dinner tomorrow night then?” And the deal was sealed.

The Sherwood Restaurant Queenstown

Roast Lamb

The Sherwood Restaurant Queenstown

I wonder if they’ll notice if I move in under the tables

My Queenstown Life Week in Pics

Jump park anyone

The Sherwood Restaurant Queenstown

Walk home