Graze. Eat, drink shop. Welcome

I like to eat right? You know me well now. I like to eat in lovely restaurants that are out of the ordinary and offer something else. I don’t write about restaurants that I wouldn’t want to send you running to. But here is a difference. A restaurant, bar and shop all in one. So you can eat your risotto, drink your gin and tonic and buy your lemons all in the same place. And the view. Well the view ain’t half bad either.

Everyone who I know has been asking “when is something going to be in Lake Hayes Estate”. A shop. Somewhere to eat and then bingo. Welcome to the neighbourhood Graze.

I have been having exciting conversations with Jana and Hamish (owners) for a while now. Jana’s gorgeous and pregnant and has 5 jobs and a new puppy. I have 5 jobs and no puppy (and I’m certainly not pregnant as far as I know) but we are running around like crazies so we got on instantly. She reads my blog (clever lady) and I like to eat (clever lady) and so we joined forces. Eating and talking and I want to spread the word. And Hamish agreed. (Clever man)

They’ve obviously worked hard getting something special for the area. It was such a beautiful night, the sunlight shining on all the glassware and people out laughing and eating and enjoying their family time. There’s a lovely area for kids and lots of parking (stuff you need to know people) and you actually feel like you’re on holidays because it’s all so new.

Queenstown Life Week In Pictures

Risotto. Hands off.

I met a group of friends there and we started with a lovely Pinot Gris to begin proceedings. (I know, not Gin right) and then we actually took AGES to order as we were talking about how lovely it all was being there, and what a difference to be out of town and of course how lovely it was that I had worn a dress (and had a wash, it must have been a great occasion). The waiter was excellent at being patient and just kept topping up our wine (squiffy before dinner). I ordered the risotto because I love it and it came with lots of peas and I love peas. Others chose fish of the day (gurnard) and steak and a chicken salad. All were delicious (I tried them all) and we also had some gorgeous Halloumi salad to go with (love the squeak) and onion rings (with actual onions in them- what is that about when they don’t come looking like onions?) Perfect.

Graze restaurant Lake Hayes Estate Queenstown

wood and tiles and all that wine!

All washed down with a coconut panacotta and hazelnut chocolate tart that my friend ordered and I actually shoved him aside to try (I will and have, lost friends over dessert). Just enough to be full not so much to feel ill.

We then moved into the bar (next door) and had some lovely gin and tonics (see I told you I don’t change) and some dancing and the night was set. There were people everywhere enjoying the atmosphere and it was so good to see it busy. These guys deserve so much and I feel good things. (And you know I’m usually right. It’s my blog and I’ll make statements if I want to)

Graze restaurant Lake Hayes Estate Queenstown

Hazelnut Tart. Probably the best I’ve tried. Ever.

Graze restaurant Lake Hayes Estate Queenstown

The bar. Dark and seductive.


Graze restaurant Lake Hayes Estate Queenstown

Even the doors feel glamorous.

Graze restaurant Lake Hayes Estate Queenstown

Chicken salad.

Graze restaurant Lake Hayes Estate Queenstown

What an awful view. Isn’t it awful to live here.

I actually wanted to take photos of the toilets they’ve done such a good job, but you’ll just have to find out for yourself. Go. Now. I will be back.

Graze. Eat, drink, shop.

Graze restaurant Lake Hayes Estate Queenstown

Try the Gris, I did. (Hiccup)

Graze restaurant Lake Hayes Estate Queenstown

Welcome to the neighbourhood!