why use a blog

Sometimes you want your business out there but are unsure how to do it? You’ve got an amazing product, design, team of people that you want to shout off the rooftops but keeping up with social media is exhausting. Never knowing the right times to post, what to post, not knowing if what you’re writing about is getting to the heart of people. Tourists, locals, newbies….all important but how, what, why, when? No wonder I’m going grey.

But WAIT, that’s where we come in. Queenstown Life is a way into the masses. We are a small but mighty blog who will catch the niche in your business, make people laugh and take some great photos to capture what you’re about bang on.

For example. This picture of donuts reached 4000 people in one afternoon. Bonkers yes, BUT the time it went out, the picture and the product all hit something for some people. The other important thing about it was over 30 people commented on it (which is the money shot). They were interacting with a product which made them want it, need it and would travel here for it.

why use a blog

This one 6,500 in an afternoon. Queenstown and Central Otago shots are amazing, the vistas unrivalled but it is also the heart in our towns that makes people return, travel here and constantly shout about how amazing their experience was.

Why blog Queenstown Life

Let me do that for you. My followers are loyal, seekers of the new, mighty just like Queenstown Life and I can get them to see your stuff. Whether it be the newest yoghurt craze, your salon, restaurant, children’s party or clothing line I can work through what it is you want and how we can write about it.

From feedback tourists and locals love to know about who they are dealing with in a business. When they walk in through that front door if they feel instantly ‘at home’ they are more likely to trust, stay and most importantly return. I have been writing about business but also the people and families behind those businesses. Blogging the world round now has been proven to work very effectively for businesses and I would love to help you understand why.

Need someone to get your message/ competition/ new menu out there on Facebook and Twitter? We can do that too. All wrapped up in a wonderful package with a massive bow tied up with string.

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Here are various pictures from some of the stories we’ve captured in Queenstown, Central Otago and further afield. Enjoy!

woo brew queenstown

Upstairs bar at Madam Woo


Koko Black Chocolate Salon Queenstown

Koko Black Queenstown

Koko Black Chocolate Salon Queenstown

What's on in Auckland

Vinyl in Mnt Eden

my Queenstown Life Week in Pictures


long term accommodation Queenstown

Shotover Lodge Studio Apartments Queenstown


Jack’s Point Spring Lunch menu

Jacks Point Spring Menu

Jacks Point Club House

furniture design Queenstown

Cruikshank Furniture Arrowtown

furniture design Queenstown

Cruikshank Furniture Arrowtown

Picture Booth Queenstown

Sweet Pix Photo Booth Queenstown


Lusso Store Queenstown


The People’s Bread Wanaka


Rata Queenstown


Eichardt’s Queenstown


The Find pop-up Bar Queenstown


Otautahi Tattoo Parlour Queenstown


Gallery De Novo Dunedin


Aroha Retreat Glenorchy

Funky Bunker Accommodation Glenorchy

The Funky Bunker Glenorchy

Queenstown Life week in pictures


Queenstown Life Week in Pics

The Good Spot Coffee Caravan Wanaka