Ohhhhhhh everything I want to put in my handbag and more. Would a large set of lightbulbs get in there? Not sure what I’m talking about then you have not discovered Angel Divine yet.


A den of names, designers, beautiful things, shoes, glasses, that skirt you saw in a magazine and dropped your chocolate biscuit because you were squealing at the sight of it. Yep they have that too.

Owner and designer extraordinaire and, lets face it, all round gorgeous woman Natalie Newlands gave me some bits and pieces about her Queenstown Life.

Queenstown Life guest Angel Divine

“I moved here about 3 years ago when I purchased Angel Divine off my dear friend Emma who is no longer with us. It is my pleasure to continue the institution that is Angel Divine. It is a delight to live in such a stunning place as Queenstown! I love that the airport is so close, makes for easy travel. 

I’ve worked at the forefront of Nz fashion for 15 years. I have strived to make AD what it is today, a leading fashion boutique where we umbrella high end fashion labels, carefully selected to satisify a wide market. We are also exclusive stockist of my own label New Lands

Angel Divine is an industrial space where fashion is showcased in a creative, inviting and ever changing environment.  Being on the shop floor is a buzz, mixing with the local clientele and frequent visitors. I believe the way we dress is an expression of who we are and who we want to be on that day. I take immense pride in customer styling and seeing them leave delighted is a wonderful element of my job. I do what I love, and never has it felt like a days work.

Queenstown’s offerings are vast, in each and every season of the year. There are plenty of running and biking tracks that are visually inspiring and just as challenging as you want them to be. Lakes Hayes would be my pick for a morning run in all seasons. My husband and I are partial to a quick swim at Bobs Cove. A favourite though is the sun kissed tanning sessions at Moke Lake, the colours are amazing out there.

Nothing beats an afternoon at Amisfield with friends, Chop Shop never disappoints, with a humm of excitement and delicious food. La Rambla is a tasty evening out, with the best service and vibes, good date night material.”

Queenstown Life guest Angel Divine Queenstown Life guest Angel Divine Queenstown Life guest Angel Divine Queenstown Life guest Angel Divine

Welcome Natalie and Angel Divine

Queenstown Life guest Angel Divine

Queenstown Life guest Angel Divine