I drool, completely and utterly properly drool when I see Pembroke Patisserie‘s Instagram photos. You can see them here

Cakes, pastries, chocolate (this seems to feature heavily in my life at the moment), croissants, pain au chocolat (see I told you) macarons, eclairs, sticky buns. Need I go on? I’m starving now.

They are at Wanaka Farmers Market every Thursday 4-6pm *rings bank and gets huge loan* and now for your making pleasure they have given us their recipe for Chocolate Mud cake. I know, I know, you’re welcome. Hugs gratefully accepted.

Chocolate Mud Cake

This chocolate mud cake has been a family favourite for years! We’ve celebrated many birthdays with this cake. It is a fabulous, easy cake to make which is really moist and rich. It keeps well.

350ml Water
275g Butter
150g Chocolate
335g Sugar
290g Flour
35g Cocoa
14g Bi-carb
3 large Eggs

Heat water and butter in a pot until butter is melted. Add the water and butter to chopped chocolate and sugar, stir until chocolate is melted and sugar dissolved. Sift the dry ingredients and add to the chocolate. In a separate bowl whisk eggs then add to the mixture. Pour into a large cake tin lined with baking paper.

Bake at 160°C until a skewer comes out clean. When the cake is cold ice with ganache.

200ml Cream
20g Butter
200g Chocolate

Boil cream in a pot. Pour over chopped chocolate and butter, mixing well. Cool until it thickens, then pour over cold cake.

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