I was slightly nervous about this one. I don’t frequent tattoo parlour’s much and I had the image of scary dark corners and spikey tattooed men shouting for some reason. I couldn’t have been more wrong.
Shame on me once (bad) shame on me twice (unacceptable)

There was thrash metal though, I give them that. And I do have to say its been about 15 years since I sat and listened to that for so long.

Family Jeremy
I met with Jeremy, one part of the Otautahi ownership. A man who had the kindest face in the world. I could tell there was an air of toughness but it was the twinkle in his eyes that took that away.
We talked about him moving here from Christchurch and giving his family the chance to ‘live the dream’. Mountains, skiing, bike riding, fresh air and tattoos. What more could a family ask for. Working hard and giving people not only amazing tattoos but an experience they would never forget.

We then moved onto the business and what he had expected moving here. I wondered if it must be tough to source good staff, who would also want to try and create a ‘name’ for themselves with their art when this town is so transient. “I thought there would be alot of ‘kiwi’ tattoos requested as alot of people here are travelling, but I was surprised as to the cool stuff people want”

Jeremy has created a set of rules that he says work really well in the shop- no divas, a very high standard of workmanship, creating an ‘experience’ for customers, being welcoming and a social responsibility that the shop has for whoever comes in through the door.

They love creativity but they also have a right as artists to say no to some pieces.


Jeremy was right though, there is an air of comfort, wellbeing in the room. As though the staff want you there because you are about to do something important. Tattoos to me have and will always remain serious. Choose wisely, choose well because theres no way you want the name of you girlfriend when you were 18 on your bum 60 years later if your girlfriend then was Claire and you’ve now chosen to live with someone named Andrew.

Tattoo photographs kindly supplied by Otautahi


I haven’t got any tattoo’s as I have never come up with anything I would still want on my body when I’m a granny.
But if I did, this is where I would go. Thank you Jeremy and Kyla (and staff)
45 Camp Street
03 442 8883