Queenstown Life week in pics

Good enough to eat

Is anyone cold? My feet are freezing. And so on Tuesday at our Poppy Loves Book Club at The Sherwood we all got into the hot chocolate and twice cooked potatoes. We also got into some big conversations about the book which you can read about here.

I had some exciting meetings this week too that I can’t tell you about just yet. Don’t you love it when someone does that. Here’s a secret but you don’t get the punchline. Sweet. All I can say that Winter is going to be busy, full of food and fun and dressing up. Oh and shoving half a tub of this amazing stuff on my body. Coco Grind is an amazingly tasty smelling body scrub that I’m trying out. I’ll let you know how I go, either that or you’ll find me with a spoon eating the stuff.

I headed to Auckland for TEDxAuckland which was a plethora of talks, food, conversations and generally working out what ‘plethora’ means. I told you I’m getting clever. Or something like that. Auckland was so warm and sunny I forgot we were in Winter Autumn and I was bloody freezing loving the colours at the minute.

Soon soon my friends is also the Frontrunner series out at Jacks Point. A series of running races (5k and 10k) where everyone wins because theres cake and coffee and spot prizes to be had. Want to know more then head over here. It all kicks off on the 23rd of May and yes you can be any speed and yes you should put that cake down now and get outside to practice.

Queenstown Life week in pics

Windy night

Queenstown Life week in pics

Wakatipu beauty

Poppy Loves Book Club

The Sherwood for cozy book reading and wine

Queenstown Life week in pics

Our book club book last month




Isn’t she a beauty. I wish she were mine


Ponsonby streets


Auckland old and new