When there’s shoe’s to be written about I get a bit sweaty. Luxurious leather, fine Italian lines and heels high high high.

I can’t walk in them to save my life, infact I’m a bit of a liability, but this shop has me breathless whenever I open the glass doors.

We have been lacking in Queenstown for such luxury and such a great selection of shoes, men and women, for a while now. If you want trainers, flip-flops (jandals/ thongs- the age old debate) or mountain climbers you’re sorted but gorgeously sculpted you-won’t-see-anyone-else-in-them shoes we were a bit stuck. Until Issimo.

Settled in the quaint Searle Lane for over a year now, Issimo keeps on providing us with up-to-the-minute styles that are flying off the shelves in Europe and the USA.

Clarks, Ixos, Mara Bini, Vivienne Westwood, LK Bennett, Dr Martens, Diesel, Timberland. Get the picture? Good and so does your bank manager. I’m sure he/she is well aware your credit card is going to get a hammering over the next couple of months and more importantly they will be in on the action too. Trust me.


You would have thought that would have been everything. Oh no. Not only do they give you gorgeous shoes and boots, Issimo have been clever enough to have purses, bags, sunglasses, jewellery and wallets shipped in to go with your bags.
From Mooi (designed right here in NZ) to Officine 904 (Italian oh so soft leather bags and purses), Cathy Pope, Under the Sun sunglasses, you’ll be the hottest kid on the street before you know it.

I love the fact that knowing 97 other people won’t be wearing my boots, sunglasses, bag and purse (my bank manager will absolutely hate me) is such a lovely thing in this town, where shopping is good but at a minimum.

The other thing about Issimo is the moment you walk in you are welcomed. Heidi, the resident shop schnauzer barks a hello and staff there are ready to find out what you need and what clothes/shoes dilemma you are having (12 pairs or 13?)

I believe that often shops selling slightly more expensive than usual items are often stiff and unfriendly but Kerrey and Paul Garvie (owners) want to rid the shop of this and just find out what you want. And we want this.

And the best thing about it, they’re open everyday. Thank you Issimo. Thank you.

I’m in such trouble

Issimo Queenstown
1 Searle Lane
03 442 8143