Rata Neighbourhood menu Queenstown

Hello good looking. That’s what I said to the new ‘Neighbourhood Night’ menu now on at Rata in Queenstown for the months of May and June and the night of Tuesday. Get it? Good. I’ll get to the food sharpish.

I always squeal a little bit when I get to go to Rata. It’s sumptuous, sleek, a wee bit (alot) sexy and it’s all dark and lovely. So if I haven’t washed my face properly it doesn’t matter that much. Lucky for them I had a full on shower and glammed up (i.e. I straightened my hair) and headed on down to try out the new menu on a Tuesday evening.

Rata Neighbourhood menu Queenstown

Someone hands me a glass of bubbles and I’m smiling already. We head to our table right near the forest (you’ll understand when you get there) and our lovely table of 4 were away.
Now (here’s the math) you can choose a starter or a ‘bite’, a main and a dessert to tempt your tastebuds. And when it was all done I was stuffed. Not horrible stuffed when you want to go and lie down and undue your top button, but lovely, cozy I’ve-eaten-luxury-on-a-plate stuffed.

Rata Neighbourhood menu Queenstown To start, a gorgeous array of ‘bites’ and starters. I usually veer away from starters as I want to eat as much dessert as possible  not overstuff myself but this time they were small and totally achievable. I went for the Southland Cheese Roll. I love cheese rolls, their awesome gooeyness all wrapped up in moist bread. This could have been the best cheese roll I’ve ever eaten (and there has been a few) all mixed up with watercress and butternut.

A lovely drop of pinot noir accompanied my roasted Cervena venison loin, braised cheek, cauliflower puree, the sweetest sweetest roasted carrot and crunchy kale. I totally didn’t have room for dessert but you know me well by now and I dived right into the salted caramel balls. All of them. Gone. Poof just like that.

Neighbourhood Night Menu is every Tuesday in the months of May and June
Book here or phone 03 442 9393

Rata- Josh Emett
43 Ballarat Street

I wrote about it because I loved it and if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t.

Rata Neighbourhood menu Queenstown Rata Neighbourhood menu Queenstown Rata Neighbourhood menu Queenstown Rata Neighbourhood menu Queenstown Rata Neighbourhood menu Queenstown Rata Neighbourhood menu Queenstown

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