Hannah Checkley wardrobe consultant

There should be a dictionary definition of ‘being Hannah-d’. It would read:

“Lovely lady comes into your bedroom and leaves an organised wardrobe, empty drawers and bags of clothes for the charity shop in her wake. Makes you put clothes together you had never thought of before”.

Hannah Checkley came into my bedroom (it’s ok, I was there) and treated me to the royal ‘wardrobe audit’. Basically put (and it was a 3 hour process- I have a thing for buying checked shirts) she rustles through your wardrobe and looks at what works and what isn’t working so well, and helps create a wish list of items that would pull your wardrobe together. Sounds scary right? It was a dream.

Starting with one thing I always wear, one thing I love but don’t know how to wear and the oldest garment in my wardrobe, we were soon in fits of giggles about my shirt circa 1995 and a denim jumpsuit my flatmate often has to wrestle off me to put in the wash.


Hannah carefully lays out what suits you, what goes with what, what you absolutely definitely need to throw out (it’s not actually that painful) and identifies what’s perfect for your colouring and shape- I had a pile of stuff I hadn’t worn in years on the floor. Bish bash bosh. Even when I said I wanted to keep my 1940’s swimming costume-come-bustier that I’ve worn once, she gently laid it aside with an understanding grin and replied “there’s room for sentimental pieces”.

I love that. Understanding right there. I just have to wear it, right?

Hannah Checkley wardrobe consultant

Your clothes, I believe. can say so much about you, about who you are. The colours, the fabrics, what your mood is, the way we put things together.

Hannah had so many simple yet clever tips, like buying a pair of trousers in charcoal rather than black (because we all have lots of black and charcoal is so much more versatile), actually wearing that expensive dress you bought for a wedding in Italy and have only worn it once.
Because if you add a bit of this and take away a bit of that it’s perfect for wearing to the office. Hannah considered my needs and lifestyle when suggesting ways to wear my clothes.

As I work from home sometimes I admit I can often be found tapping away desperately in my pyjamas at 1pm (*looks down at said pyjamas*). But shock horror, no more. The next time you pop round, I shall be adorned with all my jewellery, wearing my faux fur onsie bought in Alaska with pride. Or something along those lines. Get it? Good.

Hannah can treat you to:
A Wardrobe Audit $230
Personal Shopping $90 an hour ($70 thereafter) to help you shop for that wish list and follow up with a personalised Pinterest board to help you style in the future. (*Squeals with excitement*)
Style Coaching to help you wear the right clothes for your shape, your personality and the occasion. Colour Analysis to help you wear the colours that make you glow.

Check her out:
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