I got on another plane to Auckland  this week, so I now feel like I need to sit down for a bit and soak up Winter approaching. There’s been so much happening over the past couple of weeks I like to sum it all up in these posts so you can see all the delights Queenstown (and New Zealand) has to offer.

I tried Rata‘s gorgeous new ‘Neighbourhood Nights’ menu every Tuesday night over the months of May and June just give them a tinkle and book here! Read about the amazing cheese roll I had here.

Rata Neighbourhood menu Queenstown Rata Neighbourhood menu Queenstown Rata Neighbourhood menu Queenstown

Hannah Checkley delved into my wardrobe (the poor love) and found some delights. She also chuck a hell of a lot of stuff out which I’m so grateful for. She comes into your room (with your permission) and works out what is good for you, what works well with your colour and what you get the hell rid of. I loved it, read about her here.

Queenstown Pictures

Auckland had me running from cancelled and delayed flights to a ferry to Waiheke. I didn’t spend enough time there so I will be returning but for now have a look at TEDxWaiheke and their first event. Those guys worked their socks off to deliver an amazing event and all totally waste free at the end. Marvellous.

Instagram has been going off this week with many new followers, if you haven’t found us yet head here. I’m obsessed with taking photos and putting them in that little square. Come say hello! I’m also on Twitter,Facebook and Pinterest. How I’m not grey I’ll never know!


I put the call out for ‘Wellington lovers’ everywhere to get in touch! I need a tribe there to start something very exciting and the response I got was amazing! If you have somewhere or something to share just email me: [email protected] and we can chat!

I finally stayed at The Sherwood and I didn’t want to leave. The cosiest beds, radiators (yes read that radiators in the rooms) and gorgeous views to boot. Read about them here and THANK YOU The Sherwood. I’m never leaving. Read about them here.

I have some exciting news to be released on Wednesday but for now enjoy my week!

IMG_8327 image4-4 image3-12 image2-16 image1-25 image1-24 The Sherwood Queenstown The Sherwood Queenstown The Sherwood Queenstown