Because I love cake. I’ll say it again because I LOVE CAKE, I had a wild idea to bring you dear readers a cake into your lives. I’ve come to think in my ripe old age that if you want something you have to ask and  then a) it happens b) you go back to the drawing board 3) you cry alot and start again.

Happily for me I asked and I got a yes! The amazingly talented and oh so sister-from-another-mother Jaimie Stodler aka Cup and Cake aka Masterchef finalist, sells (and I eat) a copious amount of cupcakes at her shop. After a long conversation about alot of things the amazing Queenstown Life cupcake is born. From the 27th May you can waltz into cupcake heaven and have your own little slice of Queenstown Life.

But cupcakes wouldn’t be cupcakes without a party. And parties wouldn’t be parties without a dual theme. Cup and Cake is 4 years young and to celebrate the launch of my cake and their all round awesomeness we are having a party! And you’re all invited.

Where: Cup and Cake, Searle lane, Queenstown

When: Wednesday 27th from 10am.

What: Cake, Tea, Demonstrations 10.30am and 4.00pm Gold coin donation to Jigsaw Central Lakes.

I would love to see more collaboration with businesses in town. We’re such a small community and I love the connection and cohesive nature of doing something together. A common theme (could be CAKE) and the love of bringing it to the masses is why this works so well. So come down and meet me and Jamie and I can explain more about blogging and how I can help you!


Cupcake Socks

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