Why Fred Fred Small Human Food gives a damn

Why does Fred Fred give a damn?

When my wee one was just starting to launch herself fully into the world of food I absolutely positively wished I had known about Fred Fred Small Human organic baby food. Not only do I happen to have had a child who literally NEVER STOPS EATING, she also absolutely loves lots of different types of food. I know I know I’m so lucky when many toddlers literally live off air and scraps of yellow pasta they found down the couch, but what this meant for me was introducing her to food other than the boring ‘pouch’ food I got from the supermarket. And that just didn’t cut it. 

I wanted something. Something…else.

Why Fred Fred Small Human Food gives a damn Why Fred Fred Small Human Food gives a damn Why Fred Fred Small Human Food gives a damn

Why it doesn’t have to be hard

Let’s look at the facts : I am not a fan of cooking (and many of us aren’t: it’s daunting, hard, it feels like I need ALL the knowledge) as way back when my baby was first introduced to solids I often didn’t want to allocate time to cooking her foods that I would have to puree and select, sort and save (I’m sorry I just couldn’t be arsed).  I also really wanted to support local businesses making bloody good food that I just couldn’t imagine myself doing. So I settled for some of my own and some of the crappy stuff that huge companies make. I’m a busy mum. Sue me. 

So when Skye Macfarlane (owner of Fred Fred small human organic baby food) came into my life I couldn’t believe what I’d been missing. Scanning most of the packets of baby food in the aisle you become aware of how many fill up their recipes with ground rice and fillers. I didn’t want ground rice (simple sugar that is already processed), I wanted real good nutritious rich food that my wee human would love. I also wanted a pack of kumara that said kumara on the pack to be kumara. 

Catch my drift? 

Why Fred Fred Small Human Food gives a damn

And so, Fred Fred was born out of Skye’s absolutely utterly wonderful way of thinking about food. She is a naturopath and Medical Herbalist. She knows about fats that should be added that all babies need for growing brains, full tummies (yes!) and then small people tend to be less hangry (again yes yes!) because their blood sugars are level. 

Fancy titles are often confusing and laden with emotional connections to the previous person you saw on Instagram talking about food and how bad it made you feel. No one needs that and that’s why Skye’s methodology of completely understanding how adults and parents work, with #reallifeyo (I have 347484 things to do and I love my child), and being a parent and wanting your child to eat good food (of course). This is all weaved through Fred Fred and why I work with people like Skye. She gets me. She knows me. 

Why Fred Fred Small Human Food gives a damn Why Fred Fred Small Human Food gives a damn

Whats their ‘why?’

Fred Fred is completely and utterly immersed in getting children and babies to eat well. BUT they are also completely and utterly aware of the fact that we’re humans and so a bit fickle. We also like to bunk off cooking every once in a while and eat chocolate pinwheels and drink gin for dinner (probably not my three year old eh Karen). Because that’s who we are as people. We’re not a cookie cutter version of ourselves. But the more we feel ok about that the more we learn, and the more we learn the more we are empowered to make our bodies the best they can be (with a chocolate squiggle in there for good measure). We have to train our wee one’s and their palettes. Just as we did. (I still don’t like onion mum no matter how much you wanted to give it to me. I just KNEW). 

Fred Fred’s beautiful food is just that; simple, beautiful laden with great values and speaks to me as a human (“Handy to have in the freezer for days when you have not planned what you and everyone else will eat #mumlife”).
You know where it comes from, who made it and what the hell is in it. No random scientific looking numbers here thank you very much. I also love that Dunedin (my fave city on the planet) is making another showcase of it’s offerings. 

Why Fred Fred Small Human Food gives a damn Why Fred Fred Small Human Food gives a damn

When my (now) toddler was first starting out eating food I did the usual kumara, banana fandango but got annoyed that I had to prep, understand, get confused, feel guilty, make it up and ultimately buy those packs from the supermarket. I wish I had had Fred Fred to help me (where were you Skye?) Buying those individual packs made me feel crap as I was throwing them away (never to be used again) and Fred Fred packs are resealable and come in different selections. You can even WASH THEM AND USE THEM AGAIN! *Aghast*. 

The Mixed one
A mixture of carrot, kumara and pumpkin. All in easy to eat portions and easily microwaved or stove top. I love the theme “start slowly and move on” which is exactly what we did and sometimes did not…stressing that she liked carrot one day and didn’t the next.
“What is wrong with her?” we cried. Then realised it was Thursday and she didn’t like carrot on a Thursday but did on a Friday. 

The Kumara one
Because when she actually threw the carrot on the floor she actually didn’t like carrot *head explodes*. But kumara, she loves kumara. 

The Big Kid one
With added couscous for those bigger bellies and know they’re being filled and can mush it through their fingers. So good for development so not good for parents mental brain of having to clean up (But I got over it pretty quickly). 

The Breakfast one
Organic oats cooked in organic coconut milk topped with organic berries and organic chia seeds. Fibre, antioxidants and sneaky Kelp for brain health. SNEAKY! I love sneaky. Although I have a child that literally eats anything so I’m a lucky mum. 

Why Fred Fred Small Human Food gives a damn Why Fred Fred Small Human Food gives a damn

And and and wait for it…..coco pops. When Skye and I discussed this product my mind was transported back. We were allowed coco pops on holiday caravan excursions. In those small snack pack size they used to come in. My sister and I would FIGHT TO THE DEATH to get them as they always only put two packs in (and the dreaded other shitty cereal were 3 packs). We would then sit alone in silence and devour the box (and why did nobody tell me that you could pour the milk in the bag?). So when Skye said that she’d developed a version of coco pops for children (and adults dammit SNEAKY CALCIUM!) I wanted to give her a Nobel Peace prize. Because let’s be honest, she’s ending family feuds right there. She’s creating memories for adults around food that gave us comfort, a glimpse at how delicious food could taste (not being big enough to look at the label and shriek at what they were made of) and watch the milk go chocolatey. 

Go Skye. #skyeforprimeminister 

I absolutely and utterly wished Skye had been around when my wee one was not only born (late night facebook messages) but also when I was starting to feed her and I thought I was rubbish and she was going to end up looking like a pickle (because that’s all she asked for when she woke up. “Mum, tickle please”). 

These beautifully made veggies and snacks are made with love and with an absolute desire for parentals to be calmer, that the shame you feel that you’re doing a ‘bad job’ dissipates and for your wee ones to love food. That’s it. 

And that’s all we need.
Beautiful organic food for those little people you love


Fred Fred can be found here
At Queenstown at Antidote Queenstown (Daily Dose cafe) and plenty more lovely places here

I loved working with Fred Fred and I thought you would too!