Forme Spa in Queenstown

The award winning Forme Spa is here in Queenstown and I was very excited to be invited to try out their facials, snoop around the place and share the story so you can go and nestle in heaven. 

Heading into town at the weekend: this is the perfect place to go with your friends. Need a reviving facial during your lunch hour? It’s right in the town centre so you don’t have to head out in your car. Your boss won’t recognise you when you get back to your desk. Work/ life balanced and your productivity levels through the roof. I’d be booking in every week if I were you (and taking your boss with you). 

Forme Spa in Queenstown

Forme Spa have been casting their magic spells over tired, cranky bones and skin for over 17 years (so they know what they’re talking about) and their beautiful spa is here in Queenstown offering manicures, pedicures, make-up, express packages, massage and facials. Are you ready? Then we’ll dive right in……

Queenstown is fast paced, beautiful and sometimes it can be a wee bit busy and we just need to sit down and be pampered within an inch of our lives. Peanut butter, orange peel, goats milk, dribble: no, not the latest facial experiment but the ingredients combined after my toddler has thrown, pressed and massaged into my face after a day with her.
I was badly in need of some TLC and with Forme Spa’s legendary words “for me” ringing in my ears I was booked into a ‘Rejuvenate Me’ facial. 

Forme Spa in Queenstown Forme Spa in Queenstown

Met by lovely staff I was whisked away into a room lit by candles and a warm bed waiting for my weary mama bones to settle into. First a light steam mist over my face to open pores and warm the face. Asked if I wanted a consultation on what was lurking beneath the skin? I bravely agreed. There was no reason to be scared though as my therapist delved into what was going on under the surface.

New Zealand sun on my skin for over ten years has affected some of my face BUT I try as much as I can to lather on the sun cream and more than that whack the hat on and cover up as much as possible.

Forme Spa in Queenstown Forme Spa in QueenstownForme Spa in Queenstown

My therapist found a few areas which were dehydrated and I discovered that this usually means the skin can’t let the moisturiser in and so it usually just sits on top of the skin. New learning alert: cleanser is like a congestion remover. Every day your skin comes into contact with smoke, smog, those 27 coffees you had before 9am (just me?) and it gets clogged. A lovely sweep over at night with cleanser, a scrub and moisturiser and you’re ‘green light go’ for the land of nod. 

Not only that, the next time a small person wants to massage porridge into your face it’ll be ready and waiting.

Forme Spa in Queenstown

My therapist then set about scrubbing, smoothing and rehydrating my face. Heavenly. I may have fallen asleep had a brief interlude of calm for just a moment, I stirred feeling refreshed and primed for the day. I can honestly say it was just what I needed and my skin felt sublime. 

I was educated, I understood and I nearly fell asleep. Result!

Forme Spa in Queenstown

Heading to Forme Spa doesn’t mean taking out a mortgage on your newly built condo nor does it mean you’ll be worried about your credit card bill for the rest of the year. It is affordable, local and all about “being your own bestie”: a phrase I will be coining for my current life situation and beyond.

The story doesn’t stop in their salons though as Forme Spa also contribute to charity organisations around the world and here in Aotearoa/ New Zealand. They also strive to educate themselves around what they can do to help the earth and use Davines hair care range who are B-Corp certified, plus clean science Synergie and Organic Nation Skincare. 

Settling into my seat after all was done I sipped my pomegranate acai berry water infusion (divine) and drifted off into serenity.

Salons are located in Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Christchurch and now Queenstown (lucky us!) and owner Hady Wenham is a master (clever woman) in getting us to slow down, revive and rejuvenate.

I will be back and I will be making a facial part of my can I do it daily regular skincare regime. (How many times a week is too many for facials?). 

Forme Spa in Queenstown

Thank you Forme Spa.

Forme Spa
Level 1/32
Rees Street
03 442 9656

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This blog post was created in collaboration with Forme Spa but if I didn’t like them I wouldn’t share their story with you