The Chocolate Tour NZYou know in the middle of the night when you’re craving..something and you wish it would land  on your doorstep right there for you to enjoy? I often have this with chocolate and then The Chocolate Tour came into my life and all my prayers were answered (well not all, I still look really bad in yellow).

The Chocolate Tour is a heavenly creation of the clever Rosa who, unsurprisingly, loves chocolate and all things chocolately. She wants to bring you all the best New Zealand chocolate right to your door without you having to leave your house, heave through crowds of people, sweat, lose your wallet, find a park just to get your fix.

Welcome to The Chocolate Tour NZ.

The Chocolate Tour NZ The Chocolate Tour NZ The Chocolate Tour NZHow does it work? Sign up and select a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly delivery. (You can switch, pause or cancel at any time). The start of the month comes and so does your lovely delivery (and they even let you know when its on it’s way! Now that’s a text I do want!).
You then settle back and work out if you want to tell anyone else that it’s arrived. That bit is up to you. (I wouldn’t).

My lovely ‘textures’ box arrived ding! And I settled back into heavenly chocolatey bliss and found out all about the texture in chocolate. There was crunch, gooeyness, snap, crackle, pop (literally with the popping candy). All beautifully wrapped up in tissue and a gorgeous read to boot.
An additional magnet for your fridge to remind you of how to savour and enjoy chocolate. Sniff, snap and taste on your tongue. A good reminder for me who usually guzzles it all down without a thought. Now I can stop, settle and really indulge in the taste and experience.

The Chocolate Tour NZ The Chocolate Tour NZ The Chocolate Tour NZMy favourite? The huge bar of chewy gooey nougat. I may have eaten the whole bar for breakfast. And no, I didn’t tell anyone. All washed down with a huge cup of tea (always tea with chocolate).

The Chocolate Tour NZ

I was gifted a beautiful box of chocolates but as always my opinions are my own.

The Chocolate Tour NZ