I told you I was getting my groove on! I am so excited as the incredible Phoenix Foundation are heading to this part of the Island on Saturday 26th September at The mighty Sherwood. I asked them some questions and here are their answers! Chur!

* What draws you to the South Island and in particular to this neck of the woods? (Wanaka, Queenstown)

One of the band’s favourite driving destinations.  I love how few other cars there are on the highways of Central Otago, how far you can see in the crisp southern light.  Always a fun night, harking all the way back to our very first tour in 1999 playing Surreal with Soulcharge!

* Gig you wished you could have been to in the past and why?

Probably Daphne & Celeste at Reading  2000. OR Bad News at Castle Donington 1986.  If you haven’t seen footage of these before I sincerely suggest you seek them out.

* Era of music that you would like to see re-invent itself and return?

The Romantic Era.

* Favourite thing to do in the Queenstown-Lakes area when you’re not rocking out!

Racing my children on the luge.  Walking around Queenstown Gardens.  Just looking at the Remarkables.

* Up and coming stuff for the world to know about.

A couple of pretty exciting film scores… shhh….

* Why should the world listen to New Zealand music? What is different about it? Can it be on the world’s stage?

I think that while the term “NZ Music” may have been useful at a time where perhaps there was more of an inferiority complex about music from NZ in NZ, maybe it’s become something of a misnomer?  No one ever suggests that the Electric Light Orchestra and Black Sabbath should be classified together musically even though they both come from Birmingham…  I suppose to answer this question truthfully I’d have to say something like: It would be nice if the fact that the musicians who make music in NZ are making their music in NZ didn’t factor against us when it comes to getting opportunities for more people to hear us.  Does that make sense?

Head to The Sherwood to buy tickets here and go enjoy!

The Phoenix Foundation GUYD tour poster