Best Playgrounds in Queenstown

I want you to know the best playgrounds here in Queenstown. And the reason is when I go away to anywhere now I have a child, I always get online and search out the best of them.

I live in Queenstown so you bet your bottom dollar I’ve been to most of them. I know the ones that have the best benches for propping my feet up, the ones where there’s toilets for running to (we’re testing out no nappies) and the one’s I don’t have to drive far to. So here are my favourites: 

Central Queenstown 
The big playground right in the centre of town on the beach (next to The Bathhouse) is brand new and awesome. Some of it is a bit tricky for people who are disabled (there’s a few hills) and there also needs to be painted lines on the steps (just my gripe) for those who have difficulties with eye sight but the little extras (musical toe tapping anyone!) are ace. And it’s right next to a cafe so you can chug all the coffee you want! It’s the most scenic playground in the world according to me. 

St Omer Playground is on the road towards Fernhill. If you wander from town it’s past the kiwi statue and along the waterfront.

Best Playgrounds in Queenstown

Lake Hayes Estate 
This playground, McBride Park, is great as lots of chip for small people to fall over on and not hurt themselves, there’s a zipline (don’t tell me you’re not going on it as an adult) and a huge field behind to run run run. Right near the pump track for bikes too. And a cafe round the corner! Result. 

The pump tracks (x2) in Arrowtown are great for well pumping your bike around as fast as you can. And one of them is tiny so great for teeny legs. Right in the centre next to the new carpark. 

There’s also Rose Douglas Park which has a great little house your toddlers can climb the steps to and make tea and a big piece of grass to lie around in during the warmer months (where for art thou?)

Jacks Point 
A great wee playground with soft stones and a long Zipline for lots of shouting “wheeeeeeee” as you go. And as you’ve driven out there you can meander around the trails there and have a bite to eat at the Club house if you’re hungry! 

Hanley’s Farm 
Oh this one is epic! An outside gym for all, huge pump track for all sizes and a great playground with slides and musical stuff to keep them entertained. There were toilets being sorted when I was last there..non? On the road just before Jack’s Point. 

Best Playgrounds in Queenstown

Kelvin Heights
Drive right to the end of the peninsula and the playground is right by the lake. Theres also an epic 3k walk and the sculptures all the way round too. Good for spotting the goats (you’ll know when you see them). Take snacks and drinks as there’s nothing in the way of cafes.

Remarkables Market
Has a huge playground that has gone from strength to strength over the years. The Remarkables Market is open October- April.

Images provided by Unsplash.