Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to any change in its state of motion, including changes to its speed and direction. It is the tendency of objects to keep moving in a straight line at constant velocity
Now, lets get this straight. When I ski, I’m like those people you see in movies. No, not the ones gliding gracefully down the slope, blonde hair flowing, ski poles making light lines in the powder. More like the shrieking “get the hell out of the way” kind, knocking grannies and kids aside like skittles, borrowed ski gear in a heap.

I’m not really a winter girl (yes I’m a girl, didn’t you realise) but I heard about Inertia, it’s ethos (community, family, rocking’ skis) the beautiful artwork on ski’s they sell and I wanted to know more. To discover who was behind the website. I’m a total nosey parker, but lucky for you I am, because I bring you Inertia.

Gorgeous husband and wife duo Greg and Tracey live and breathe skiing. The feel of it, the look, the immense-ness (I’m writing this I can say what I want) of the landscape and the community in which they immerse themselves. They discovered Icelantic skis a while ago and have loved them ever since. Meeting at Cardrona (of course) they shared their love of the mountains, skiing and the open air. Travelling together they discovered Icelantic ski’s and wanted to share this brand with New Zealand.

“You can’t unsee something” (Greg) which is such a perfect way to describe the beauty of these badboys. They ooze cool, and yet have a subtlety and grace which often is overtaken with brashness in ski design. Stood up against the wall in Tracey and Greg’s house you can’t help but notice them. They call to you, want you to go look at them and find out more.


Not only are Inertia an online store, they create a space or a hub for fashion, skiing info, art, challenging what inspires you. They have two ambassadors currently skiing in Icelantics who are loving them and hope to involve more. Demo days have been inspiring and full of questions from people wanting to know more about the skis.

And deep underneath it all is the passion and love for the sport.

But it’s not just the sport, the ski’s. Tracey and Greg skate along on the same track, the same momentum and this is what makes it all tick. This couple go above and beyond for their customers and it works. It fits. There’s a fire burning bright for these two.

check it out and join the movement