Queenstown secrets

I’m fizzing. No, I haven’t eaten a giant supply of fizzy cola bottles but fizzing FROM EXCITEMENT!

Queenstown Life has been a part of my life for two years now. Two crazy years of learning, snapping, writing, meeting, emailing, constantly working, finding out, asking questions and learning a ton. It all got a bit hectic for someone who has another job and finds it hard to work out which type of cake I want when I’m in a cafe (answer: all of them) so I took the brave step to ask myself if I should take the chance and ask some collaborators to come on board. To add something else, something different, something still ‘Queenstown Life‘ but with their own eye on the prize. And magically they said yes.

I don’t appear in many photos or blogposts and so this year I thought I would allow my cake smeared face to be introduced to my lovely readers out there and take some girls along for the ride with me. So here, for your viewing pleasure, is the team! We would love you to sign up for updates and have our smiley faces in your inbox whenever we post. Just add your email to the little box on the right!


Zoe Gapper

Introducing: Zoe Gapper
Originally from Auckland, I have spent over 10 years working in the creative industry in London and a few winter seasons in British Columbia unofficially, as the World’s Oldest Liftie. Eventually settling down in Queenstown in 2013.  Indoors you’ll find me at the Sherwood several times a week and falling over in the yoga studio.  Outdoors I’ll be skiing, x-country mountain biking, skiing, micro-hiking and most importantly – skiing.
Secret tip for Queenstown:
Recently I’ve been sampling some of the hidden treasures that our neighbouring Bannockburn region has to offer.  So many reasons to go back and so close to Queenstown!
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Jodie Lynes

Introducing: Jodie Lynes
Hi I’m Jodie.
I was born in Queenstown ( yes IN Queenstown ) and have enjoyed a large part of my life in this amazing place.
I’m excited to be contributing to Queenstown Life with a focus on great places to stay, shopping/fashion/interior design and sharing my love of Queenstown, the South Coast and photography.
I love travelling with my family, walking my dogs, skiing, and a good bottle of Pinot Noir.
My secret tip for Queenstown?
Try some food foraging! Pick some wild strawberries along the Bush Creek track (seasonal of course) or grab a sprig of wild mint for your mojitos off the Sawpit Gully trail. Get out and sniff the wild air!
I have a gorgeous Instagram and Facebook Account covering all my interior ideas and our gorgeous house Climate House NZ.
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Jane Guy

Introducing: Jane Guy
Arriving on these shores ten years ago from the UK I am the original creator of Queenstown Life. I love everything in this small but mighty place from the lake to the running trails to the ice-cream. The music, the arts and the culture. Queenstown, Wanaka and Beyond. Forever.

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