When it comes to looking for good cafes to take toddlers to in Queenstown there’s a fine line between what is good and what is downright awful.
Now I know cafe experiences post children aren’t the same as they were before; languishing dreamily into a sofa of cushions, sipping your mocha-chocka-latte in peace whilst flicking through Frankie magazine. *car coming to a half screech* Now it’s more of a tussle of wrangling prams, clothes, sippy cups, toys and if there aren’t toys and colouring pencils available there’s a huge strike through the cafe’s name.

So, to help you sort through the myriad of good and bad cafes in Queenstown to take your toddler I thought I’d write a list of the good eggs. The one’s who don’t frown at you as you wander drag yourself through the door.

mum and toddler in cafe

Sherwood Queenstown
Yep they’re on all my lists so get used to it. There’s a huge covered space outdoors so you don’t have to disturb lovers gazing at each other during their mid morning love-in. There’s toys, there’s also a huge garden to go wandering all the while pointing out out all the veggies that they can try and grow when they get home. They all need jobs and from a young age too.

Good Day Arrowtown
Colouring pencils, paper (honestly it makes such a difference) an outdoor covered area to frolick melt down in and delicious doughnuts to keep them entertained. Just don’t try and eat mine.

Franks Eatery
The library is right next door if you need a clean getaway, there’s a huge table with boundaries around to keep them in a space and they have fizzy water on tap which provides endless fun.

cup of coffee

The Bathhouse
Right on the beach, right next to the big playground and seating outside it’s a winner in my book. You can sip your frothy coffee whilst watching them play on the swings from a safe distance. There’s also the beach to sit and make sandcastles (I know I’m dreaming) and there are also toilets close by.

The Exchange
A huge private room at the end of the cafe (which is often unused) where kids can spread out their toys (they have lots) while you stare into your fourth (ok fifth) cup of the magical potion. There’s now a covered outdoor space too for them to run around and stare at the trout in the river.

childrens blocks

Provisions Arrowtown
A huge gated garden means you can sprawl on the grass while you eat your sticky bun in peace. Toys a plenty and often a lovely doggo for them to pat sitting under the trees in the shade (wish those toddlers would just leave them alone). Pour your tea friends and settle in before your river walk.

Black and White Five Mile
A big space in the corridor for wrangling and running, the best coffee ever and a bin full of toys. Oh and fluffies and hot cheese rolls to boot. Sorted.

I’d love to know your secret cafes for taking my small person! She loves a good coconut fluffy and a doughnut.

Images all lovingly taken from Unsplash, where you can donate money to use people’s clever images!