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Caitlin getting us flexible

We all know it’s been Christmas and New Year. Our bodies know it’s been Christmas and New Year and so they are all screaming “help me mind and will power, do something about it”. The every-so-often popping opening of the top trouser button was becoming more and more regular and the “oooh just another chocolate to finish them off and get them out of the fridge” had to stop. Welcome Aprive Wellness Retreat.

Caitlin (cuter-than-cute kind lady physio extraordinaire) has been a regular on the Queenstown ‘make them better’ scene for a while now but only started retreats a wee while ago so I was looking forward to seeing what she could offer.

Wanting to give people something incredible, Caitlin has shaped her retreats around wellness, food, movement, relaxation and goal setting. I find this bit incredibly difficult (can’t sit still long enough) so this was going to be a challenge. But I’m always up for a challenge so I gave it a go.

Starting the day, we met at Nugget Point Hotel, which is out of town in Arthur’s Point. A beautiful place with one of the most unexpected views in Queenstown. The perfect place to

Aprive wellness Queenstown

Lordy what a view

sit a while, gather your thoughts and enjoy a yoga/pilates fusion class to set us up for the day.

Aprive wellness Queenstown

Action stations!

    Workin' it

Workin’ it

Feeling ready for something to fill our bellies, Caitlin knew us well and chai and raspberry smoothies were waiting. Cold, delicious and fulfilling. So lovely to stand, sip and begin chatting to some of the women who were attending. A few mums needing a well-earned rest, women needing the same unwind-and-eat-well time as me and some travelling down from the north and up from the south to see what all the fuss was about.

We then headed inside for a well earned sit down (I know I know- hard life) and a group exercise with Michelle from Queenstown Nutrition. If you want to know about food full stop then this woman knows her kit and caboodle. I have had the pleasure of meeting Michelle before and you can listen to our podcast here.

We discussed ‘the should’s and should not’s’, which from Michelle’s point of view was refreshingly human. I don’t know about you, but I get confused oh so easily around what food is fad of the week. So this discussion was a light relief. Smoothie talk was plentiful which was brilliant because I LOVE THEM. We were introduced to a new green tea powder called ‘matcha‘ which can be slipped into your smoothie without you even knowing it and it adds antioxidants lickety split. So for me (being lazy) it’s an easy way for me to get them in my body without me screaming in the supermarket for help.

Aprive wellness Queenstown

Chai and raspberry

Aprive wellness Queenstown

Matcha is now my new best friend!

Aprive wellness Queenstown


Aprive wellness Queenstown

Hello lover

Aprive wellness Queenstown

Pomegranate heaven

Thanks Michelle I’m now addicted to pomegranates and sauerkraut! One of my things is that I eat like there’s about to be a war and I might not eat for another two years, so slowing down was definitely on my list of goals.

Lunch was served and it gave us the chance to sit and chatter about why we were all there. A chance to calm it all down a bit and get a sense of the place. Nugget Point is such a beautiful perfect place for something like this. You can’t help but stop, shut the hell up and look at the view.

Next up; goal setting. Now if you’re like me (a freight train) the idea of goal setting bores the pants off you. I can’t sit still long enough to write my shopping list never mind what I’m doing for the next 6 months so I had the initial thought of “oh lordy I’m going to hate this bit”. Stranger things have happened and I actually learned something.

Caitlin has devised a clever way of making you break some of your thoughts about eating, exercise and general life goals into small bite sized chunks. To not think too much about what you’re doing with it but to put a little plan around how to get there (a small goal) and then what might come in the way (obstacle) and what you can do to move past that obstacle. For me, breathing before I eat, thinking about the food in my mouth and actually savouring the taste. Oh there’s an idea. All written down in our gorgeous diaries from Collective Hub.

Aprive wellness Queenstown

We were allowed cheese!

Aprive wellness Queenstown

Delicious lunch

Aprive wellness Queenstown

Beautiful diaries from Collective Hub

Aprive wellness Queenstown

Dive IN

Aprive wellness Queenstown

Tootsies ready!

Aprive wellness Queenstown

Goodie bags galore

After all that hard work (I know I know I’d go to war for you lot) we headed to the spa. Imagine landing yourself in a hiphop video (tasteful) but without the swearing and guns. A beautiful shining pool greeted us with sauna and steam room to boot. The chance to settle back and chat about the day. What it meant for all of us to have some time away from our crazy lives and just meet a gaggle of new friends. All there with the same thing in mind. We then danced off with our lovely goodie bags filled with delights from Chia, Olive Skin Care, and Matcha. Delicious!

To rest, relax and look after ourselves is often something we feel guilty about. Just for a moment. Just for that time. Before life and all it’s craziness swoops us back into the nest. Do it now. Go on.

Want a bespoke retreat just for you and your friends? Oh lordy can you imagine? Read here.

Caitlin you superhero you. Your kind and caring nature set us up for a treat of a day.

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