Nutribombs Queenstown

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“Fight for your right to snack healthy” Rebel Foods.

So you’ve packed up your gear for any eventuality. You’ve got your brand new lycra on. Your trusty steed/ yoga mat/ running shoes are by your side and you’re all set to go. But wait for it. That sticky, bad-for-you-your-mum-won’t-approve sweet thing is hanging out of your pocket ready to be consumed within an inch of it’s life because let’s face it you’ll be starving later on. You want more though. You want good for you, tasty, delicious, grandma would smile and understand what’s in the ingredients.


Literally kaboom. Rebel Foods are the bomb diggity when it comes to lovely, delicious snack food that you actually want to eat, they fit into your pocket and they don’t get stuck in your teeth while you’re trying to be GI Jane. Sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, not tested on anything fluffy and cute, tasty, sawdust free deliciousness.

The very clever Joe Swatland came up with an idea to supply local businesses with healthy foods about a year ago which quickly developed into a whole stream of other ventures. He was sick of businesses selling people stuff that had “no place in the human body” and wanted to give the people, literally, a bomb of good food with healthy ingredients.

Starting with bars that quickly turned into balls (standard) Nutri bombs were born. Good for you, easily accessible, filled with food that tasted delicious a veritable feats on the senses. Now linked with some of the biggest sporting events in the country. All focused on people. And the people (well me) have spoken.

nutri bombs rebel foods

Ride, run, yoga, snack, present, nibble.

Four different types that stay in your mouth finally after years of sweet, sticky gloop. I for one am hooked. Natural sugars and additive free so all you lovers of the good stuff will be happy as Larry. And Larry will be hungry no more.

Got to be optimum for the performance of your life? Choose Apricot and Blackcurrant ‘Performance’ bombs (medium exercise). Heading out for an all dayer (heavy exercise) of thrashing in the hills, choose ‘Endurance‘ Strawberry and Mint.

Want the best downward dog of your life? Choose ‘Yoga‘ Lemon, Lime and Goji bomb. Or needing something to get you fighting fit for the next day to go out and do it all over again choose ‘Recovery‘ Cacao and Strawberry.

I took ‘Endurance‘ out for a 2 hour bike ride and they were just what I needed. I didn’t fall off my bike trying to open them up, they tasted so delicious and my teeth thanked me for it later on. They fit right inside my bike vest and no slippery gloopy gel to be found all over my hands after. Thank you Rebel Foods!

Christmas present, meeting the in-laws or just want to make your friends happy? Eat them all together with a lovely cup of tea. BOOM! (literally boom) and remember “No actual explosives have been used in the manufacturing process”.

Rebel Food

nutri bombs rebel foods

Now get outside!