Beautiful Riverton bach accommodation

I needed some R&R, some beach time, some quiet, some fish ‘n’ chips. I needed to get away, can you tell. There’s a place I always like to head to when I have only the weekend, it doesn’t include much driving time and it’s right on the beach.

Riverton is a mere 2 hour drive (well 2.5 if you stop for cakes. Which we totally didn’t #wetotallydid). There’s lot’s to do if you want it, and nothing to do if you don’t. (I didn’t) so we packed up the car with road bikes, trainers (see I started out with wanting nothing to do but I can’t help myself) cake (we might break down) and got on the road. There were promises of sunshine this weekend so I was fizzing. This is the South Island though so we would see.


Beautiful Riverton bach accommodationBeautiful Riverton bach accommodationBeautiful Riverton bach accommodationBeautiful Riverton bach accommodation

White Ivory Cottage looks right out onto the sea, has a massive tub with views to die for (and a cleverly shielded view so you don’t have to show the neighbours your bum) and has oodles of relaxation and restful aroma about the place you will forget your spreadsheets before you know it. I booked two nights and settled in for the night.

If you want quirky, you got it. You also get 2 double rooms, a bath tub, fully equipped kitchen, gorgeous deck for sun baking (which we did- it was glorious), bikes to hire, right next to the fish n chip shop, right on the beach, about 5 mins drive to town…need I go on. We read, rode, ate, drank, lounged, ate, sunbathed, ate, drank coffee, ate. And come Sunday afternoon we were so relaxed we didn’t want to drive home. I could have stayed all week. Riverton is not always the choice when Curio Bay gets lot’s of hype (and rightly so) but it’s a little closer to Queenstown and a little bit quirkier. A photographers dream. I was in heaven.


Beautiful Riverton bach accommodation

View from the bathtub

Beautiful Riverton bach accommodationBeautiful Riverton bach accommodation

You can book right here as easy as that. The weather for the Summer months looks good so get in quick, as you might find me hidden away in the bathtub.

Beautiful Riverton bach accommodation

Riverton Accommodation

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