The week began with a full on gale. I mean literally not in my brain (which it sometimes feels like at the moment). Lashings of rain, snow, wind to blow even the stickiest of sticky wigs off and I had a full on grump Monday. It was my last long run planned and I stared out the window and got in my car and went to eat cake at Jack’s Point instead. Sensible? Maybe not but I did not want a wet bum no siree. The long run will have to wait.

My Queenstownlife week in pictures

Jacks Point Art

I finally sat down and listened to my northern self in my latest podcast which was with the beautiful Janey Newlands. You can have listen to us giggle and talk about food and yoga here. Podcasting is such a lovely way to talk about yourself and what you’re trying to get the world to hear about without having a big camera stuck in your face. Try it. I’m lovely to talk to and if you’re lucky I may even bring cake. There’s that word again.

The sun finally came out again mid week and I could finally get my run on, only TWO WEEKS people! Then the Queenstown Marathoners will be lining up. The fools (evil laugh). I have opted for the half as I know what the full feels like two times over.

Wednesday saw us getting out groove on at The Blue Door in Arrowtown. I love it in there. It’s almost like James Bond could walk in at any moment. Dark and seductive. Then Gary, the postman from down the road walks in instead and I’m brought back down to earth. Which is where I like it. Nice and normal.

Until Thursday when I managed to sort out a podcast with Vaughn Davis from Radio Live. You can listen to it here
We chatted about social media and the importance of businesses using it. Goats came into the conversation somewhere and I explained I preferred donkeys. All in a days work.

Vaughn Davis podcast

I was kindly invited to attend Queenstown Resorts College ‘Ambassador’ programme. The college wants to continue the great tradition in this country of keeping stories, history and tradition alive. I learnt so much I didn’t know about Queenstown, even after living here for 9 years. Who knew Edith Cavell had never even been to New Zealand?! I am honoured to wear the little black pin. It’s like the Blue Peter badge of Queenstown.

Friday Lunchtime we were off! To Riverton, the beach, fish n chips, ice creams and lying down on the floor for three days. Vacation, holiday, R&R, time off, time away, going on your holidays. I love it.
I love it here don’t get me wrong but some fresh new air, new things to photograph, and a whole new view gets me back into the mood for coming back and getting stuck back in. I’m ready!

As always there’s more photos on Instagram, come join us and say hello!


My most ‘seen’ post on Facebook. 10,000 views!

queenstown pictures of the week

Stoppinf at AJ Hackett Bungy on the way to work. Have you?

queenstown pictures of the week

Snow returns to Wanaka

queenstown pictures of the week

Proud to wear my Ambassador Badge

queenstown pictures of the week

Good, no great eggs at Mrs Clark’s Riverton. A must!

queenstown pictures of the week

Returning to the beautiful sight of Ben Lomond and Bowen Peak. Hello boys, I’ve missed you.

queenstown pictures of the week queenstown pictures of the week queenstown pictures of the week queenstown pictures of the week