I see snow as I write this. Cuddled up by the heat pump in two pairs of socks. It’s due to be 25 degrees tomorrow. I am in a parallel universe. There’s tea and computers but no cake. I’m out of here.



After the craziness of last week’s wedding which I can’t stop thinking about (I want to go to wedding’s everyday they’re so much fun) I came back to earth with another busy week of meetings, emails and people wanting to get involved. Very exiting. The bug is catching and the future is bright! I got the nicest email in the world which I’m very proud to share here from a dear couple who travelled here not long ago. This is why I write. Thank you Alice.

“Gorgeous New Zealand is made all the more special by Queenstown Life. We love reading your weekly updates and are forever adding unique experiences to our holiday list. Bob’s Cove was a real highlight of our most recent trip (January)…a brilliant place to escape the crowds and soak up the spectacular scenery! We wanted to spend a day in Fiordland National Park but couldn’t choose between Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound. You promptly and honestly responded to our message and our expedition to Doubtful Sound was undoubtedly (!) one of the best experiences in all our travels. If we could move to New Zealand tomorrow, we would. In the meantime, we will continue to read Queenstown Life and plan our next not-too-distant adventure!”



Queenstown.com massive!

I am proud to be on the list of amazing contributors of Queenstown.com and we met for the first time all together in one room. There was music, wine, tshirts and laughing. I found my dopple ganger in the form of Mr Joe Cowie of the amazing  ‘The Killer Seas’ but that’s another story. He has a beard. Go figure.

TEDxQueenstown is still ramping up and we met on this huge sofa at The Crowne Plaza which just made me laugh. We are looking for a F&B person so get in touch if you think you’re up to it here.

I found the best socks in the world for cycling in and I shouted about them here. Spoxe are a talented ‘dead good’ brand who can be found here. Go go go and buy something cuddly and warm for the coming winter months. Or just buy some lycra and stalk about the front room in it to annoy your flatmates. Just me then?

Amazing morning meeting at Vudu Cafe and Larder where I ate and babbled to the gorgeous Nat from Angel Divine. We are causing trouble and will reveal soon.

I also finally demanded a recipe from The Sherwood for my ‘Secrets of the Chef’ section of the blog. Have you visited us there yet? Some amazing recipes from restaurants in Queenstown, Wanaka and Central Otago. Lucky. Yes indeed.


Your eyes do not deceive. That’s snow right there


Summer evenings


Vudu yum!


The bra fence is back!

Spoke Dead Good Cycling Threads

Spoxe socks goodness!


The Babe Rainbow at The Sherwood


TEDxQueenstown meetings aren’t boring!


Just some sheep running through town to start The Rural Games. Standard kiwi day


Messing about with Cecil


I love Summer