Podcast Kate Callaghan aka The Holistic Nutritionist Kate Callaghan aka The Holistic Nutritionist was a shining beacon of loveliness when I needed her right at the start of my pregnancy. I was having excruciating stomach-ache and it wasn’t going away. I then discovered I was 5 weeks pregnant and I couldn’t imagine feeling like this for 40 weeks.

I remembered Kate’s lovely shiny kind face from a yoga retreat I’d done a while back and so contacted her to get some help. We slowed it all down, started eating properly again and slowly slowly I came back to life. And she’s been my go to ever since. Clever lady.

We caught up to chat about food, why baby food is so conflicting, oils, eating, butter, eating butter and heading away on holiday. Thank you Kate, you’re a shiny light.

Podcast Kate Callaghan aka The Holistic Nutritionist

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