Rata, Queenstown

Rata, Queenstown

Rata is owned and operated by Josh Emmett (Michelin Star- amazeballs cook for the ones of us who don’t understand that) and Fleur Caulton (highly regarded restauranteur (and in my opinion all round LOVELY LADY). 

43 Ballarat Street
03 442 9393

To start us off with number ONE in the cooking at home we have:

Rata’s Smoked Fish Croquettes

300g Agria Potatoes- washed and unpeeled
250g smoked fish  eg. Warehou, Kingfish, Kawhai

Finely chopped chive 1T
1/2 lemons – zest and juice
1t Dijon mustard  – to taste

Roux Mix
35g butter
35g flour
125ml fish stock

3 eggs
200g packet of Japanese panko crumbs

How to:
Makes approx 20 croquettes great for small and large kids parties!
1. Bake potatoes in a moderate oven @ 150c, resting on a bed of rock salt until soft.
( All other preparations can be done whilst these are cooking).
Remove from oven & allow to cool slightly. Halve and scoop the potato from the skin, pass through a fine sieve.
The final sieved weight should be 150g.
2. Next make the Roux by melting the butter in a pot over a low heat. Add flour and cook over low heat  for approx 3-4 mins.
Slowly add hot stock and whisk until thick sauce consistency is achieved.
Cook for a further 5 min ensuring no lumps.
NB- Fish stock can be a quality brand dry substitute rehydrated in water, these can  be high in sodium so recipe may not require additional salt.
3. Flake fish finely making sure there are no bones and add to the roux mix and sieved potatoes. Mix to combine in a large bowl, add lemon and finally Dijon mustard.
All ingredients should be room temperature when combining not chilled.
Taste the final mix salt if required to taste.
4. Shape the mix. At Rata we acheive this using a disposable piping bag into long tubular shapes on a large floured baking tray, we then refrigerate to set and cut the tubes into approx 4 cm lengths. These for some resemble a fish finger and are a massive favorite with the little people dining with us!!
Alternatively you can roll into small truffle like balls which is a great  task for small hands in the kitchen.
5. Crumb croquette shapes using egg and panko crumbs then deep fry bake or pan fry till golden and crispy.
Serve with mayo based dressing or the good old tomato sauce!

As Julia Child’s would say “Bon Appetite”
As Queenstownlife would say “Get cracking people and if you haven’t been there and tried their mashed potato you are all that is wrong with mankind.”