You know the feeling. You go to a gorgeous new restaurant in town, you visit an old dining haunt and you order the same thing on the menu every time because you JUST LOVE IT. (And you’re sick of eating beans on toast- or is that just me)Well, no thanks needed (I want lots of thanks, particularly in the form of cake, things that sparkle and new bike wheels) but here you have it.

Coming up Part One of secrets (just call me Sherlock) of those favourite dishes from your favourite places.
Chef’s have picked their favourite starter, main, dessert, sauce, salad or soup to give you, my dear readers, the opportunity to make it yourself. In the comfort of your own kitchen. With no-one to hear you swear when you burn something. (Apart from trusting housemates and family awaiting your dish)

All I ask, is that you if you would like to photograph your dish (with or without unleashing your name to the world) and send it to me, then ‘like’ the page of the certain restaurant that month. Also share this blog page, because come on, where food is concerned, the world wants to cook.