Every weekend I get to stay here. It’s like a (many travellers say) a quieter version of Queenstown.But it’s also not. It’s not Queenstown at all, it’s Wanaka. And Wanaka is something different altogether.

I come here for some quieter times, meandering comes to mind. Everything slows down a little. Everything goes on pause for a second. The I reboot and start over. To me, that is Wanaka.

And what delights it has. Want me to show you around. Wipe your feet and have a seat. A cup of tea (and cake) is probably needed.

Wonder room 
Wonder room on Ardmore Street is a hidden delight. Because it’s not right in the centre of Wanaka you could miss it, but you don’t want to. I warned Jan (owner, stylish and all round lovely lady) to dissuade me from getting my CC out in the shop. It would be disastrous for me and my christmas list for the next 5 years. And there’s so much to choose from. Jewellery, pictures, fun toys, gifts, cards, books, luxury items, candles, a gorgeous bag that charges your phone (I squealed like a girl at this point). It’s endless.

47 Frocks
Next on my travels ( I had to have coffee and cake after this point to keep up with all the dazzle- see below) I visited 47 Frocks. Glamorous models in the window greeted me and a massive smile from Sarah instore. 
Often stores that hold this much gorgeousness are scary and intimidating to go into but I was greeted with smiles and warmth all round AND A MASS OF CLOTHES. 
Housing Stolen Girlfriends Club, Ruby (a fave), Karen Walker, Twenty Seven Names and Company of Strangers to name but a few, I was in heaven. 

A great range of clothes, sunglasses, shoes, jewellery and perfumes all housed under one roof. Such a find. 
Go there, take out a loan, sell you gran it’s a feast.


I obviously then was dying on my feet and stumbled into Federal Diner (Helwick Street) and drowned my sorrows (I bought nothing for Pete’s sake, I have rent to pay) on the biggest pot of tea and crumbliest raisin scone you’ve ever tasted. Heaven.After 4 trips to the loo (I have a weak inquisition) I was satiated. Done for. Blinded by all that is golden. And totally ready to come back next weekend. I will be avoiding my bank manager for the next year. Although I’m sure she’d love a new Ruby dress……..