I love new running gear. I especially love new running gear that keeps me warm, dry and looking like I run and is from Lululemon. Looking like I run further than to the fridge for lemons for my gin. So when I got some new products from the audacious (yes it’s Winter, time to pull out some new words) Lululemon Winter line I threw myself in their gorgeous changing rooms (with your real name written on the outside) before you could say “I eat nothing but cupcakes during Winter.”


Naomi (Manager of said store and all round gorgeous lady) handed me some new colours. Rich plum? On me? I’m all up for new things but this was taking it to new heights! Gorgeous and soft, the new ‘Pace-Setter Half zip’ in Grey and ‘All You Need’ tight in a gorgeous plum. I was all set.

I also got asked to talk to some gorgeous gals at a Ladies Night they were having about my Winter training (stop sniggering at the back). I find it hard to train in Winter. To put the clothes on and step outside is the hardest bit for me. Especially when the fire’s roaring and it’s howling a gale. But I put together some things that work for me and the biggest thing I’ve learnt? Don’t make yourself feel guilty because you stay indoors and it’s minus 5 out there.

A gorgeous gaggle of ladies met to chat about Winter nutrition and training, try on gorgeous clothes and eat cupcakes. Sounds good to me. So here’s my top 5 of what to do and how to survive this Winter:

Plan- Put your clothes by the door, in your bag, on your body in bed. Just do what you need to get you out of the door.

Mates- Have you friends organise group runs, go to training sessions together, plan a new route. Because we all know, train alone and you make excuses. Have to meet someone, you get there.

Eats- We all need to eat kale when all we want is mashed potato and gravy but get the crock pot out and organised and you have a gorgeous smelling house when you get in from work. Dinner….sorted.

New clothes– see what I did there? New clothes means feeling better and feeling better means you’re more likely to be motivated to train. Get shopping, just don’t go so mad your bank manager hates me.

Try something new- X-Country ski, Ping-pong, ice skating. Haven’t done it before? Just get out there and try something else, just work up a sweat doing it. Exercise done in no time.


Pace-Setter Half Zip. Cozy as!





Get yourself into the lovely Lululemon store and the ladies in there will help you in no time. Not sure of your tight from your shorts? No problem, they have all the lingo sorted. Just don’t have too many cupcakes.

Lululemon Queenstown
34 Ballarat Street
03 441 3491