Queenstown and the New Year

I totally don’t believe in resolutions. I prefer to roll along eating and drinking and eating more of the same and having lots of laughs doing it. If anything I think I will eat more and ride my bike more this year. The end.

This year has been a roller coaster in terms of this blog. Only 9 baby months old I’ve been absolutely amazed at the positive feedback I’ve had from you readers (and listeners to the podcasts. What! You didn’t know we do podcasts too listen here)

Queenstown and the New Year

In a town and area where there’s SO MUCH going on, I’m ecstatic in my pursuit of bringing you everything I love about this place through writing and photography. We live in such a wonderful part of the country, all wrapped up with a gorgeous bow and lakes and ice-cream and music and, well you get the picture.

Having a look back at some of the pieces I write here’s a few of my favourites. Which are yours? And the even bigger question is do you want to see your product or business or anything on these pages? It is right at your fingertips just get in touch. I accept emails, letters and even a few carrier pigeons have made their way here.

The gorgeous amazing Charlotte Lane. Proving you can have children, a business and look amazing all the time. I could call Becks something rude but she’s lovely so I won’t. Read about her here

So Sweet. Waaaaaay back in the early part of the year I discovered this lady and her wedding shennaginans. Read about her here.

Then there’s been eating, drinking, shopping, cycling, reading, further afield, furniture, accommodation, beaches, pampering, sampling beer,  So much to do.

We have recipes from restaurants all over Queenstown and Central which you can see here. Want to be a part of that, then step right up.

The way it works? Let me explain. I can shout my loudest loud voice about your stuff. Be that anything. Here, Central Otago, Dunedin, Auckland, Bahamas. You catch my drift? I will take photos and do my darndest (it’s a word) to let my readers know how amazing you and your business is. You just have to email me right here. And that’s it. Then let the customers arrive my friends. I wrote a piece on why blogging is proven to be not only important in todays world of business but also one of the best ways to get your stuff out to the world. Read about it here. The time is now.

Welcome 2015, we’ve been waiting for you. You’re looking beautiful already.

Queenstown and the New Year