So good. The end

I love coffee. If you carry on reading I’m assuming so do you.

The taste, the smell, the whole ordering it, the delivery, the pretty swirls on top. What I also love is when it’s cold, the coffee that is. I’m not a big Winter fan but that’s a whole other debacle.

I also like it  with some rum in it….but that goes way beyond what we’re talking about here.

Crocky’s Cold Brew is a totally amazing cold brew made right here in Arrowtown. Read that. Right here. So you only have to look over there and there it is. Boom.

Crocky is also known as David Hargreaves. A magician of coffee like products hailing from here. He travelled far and wide (New York) to delve into the world of what makes good coffee and in particular the whole world of cold. Happy Bones is a totally supercool cafe in the New York of City and Crocky worked his magic right there. And then brought it back here where he is now. Magic.

Finishing up in the states and coming back here he began the process of creating this magical potion and thus Crocky’s Cold Brew was born. It’s delicious. I’ve tried it and you always believe in what I say. It’s also here for you to try.

Crock’s Cold Brew