We haven’t met for ages and ages and I miss these people! The idea being that we meet (usually at some un-godly hour) and snap the same view but obviously the photos all come out differently. I just totally love that we all see something in such different ways. You are welcome to join just email me here

We all use different cameras and I for one, use my iPhone so you don’t need something really technical. I then put it up on a blog piece and we all go and drink copious amounts of coffee! Result.

This time we met at Fernhill roundabout and sat on the little beach there. The sun was warm at 7.30am, the wind was whipping around and we all had massive smiles on our faces. What a way to start the day before work. With lovely people all snapping away.

Thank you

The Moment Addict
The Further Adventures of Bennett
Irish Kiwi Postcards

and me.

Snappers Photography Queenstown

Esther Small aka The Moment Addict

Snappers Photography Queenstown

Irish Kiwi Postcards aka Sarah Heffron (and that’s me!)

Snappers Photography Queenstown

Further Adventures of Bennett aka Sarah Bennett

snappers Photography queenstown