Wow. Rain. Torrential rain. Wind. Trees falling down. Sideways rain and in your face rain. Drizzle and hardcore downpour. We got it all and I loved it. Queenstown International Marathon arrived and in it’s first year they delivered. Total respect to the Marathoners who would have been cold shivering wrecks by the end but what a great start to a race that will only grow and grow for the region.

I managed a PB and it’s only taken me TEN YEARS to go under 2 hours for the half. Kudos to the volunteers who stayed out in the weather and to the organisers who decided to give us a marathon with a (not very) flat course, great organisation and my only gripe there were no gin and tonic’s at the aid stations….something to think about maybe?

Enjoy your rest and recovery people and then book another race, you know you want to…….

Queenstown Life in Pictures

well done shoes. Drying in the sun

Queenstown International Marathon

PB finally!

Queenstown Life in Pictures

checked in and ready to race!

Queenstown Life in Pictures

Day after and oh look, the sun makes an appearance!