OOOh I love a good run I do. And I know a few who do too. But sometimes the run’s and races around this neck of the woods can sometimes be rather erm, shall we say, hilly.

You only have to think of your run/ ride home and I’m sure most of us have a ginormous hill to finish our session off and collapse at the front door, flatmates in a panic that we’ve just scaled Everest. Large gin and tonic in hand (purely medicinal)

So here’s a race that you don’t have to to do that. The Queenstown International Marathon November the 22nd 2014.
And they have a half, 10k and 3k for kids (I said kids….no cheating over 20’s)

And it’s miles away from now so you can have your mid-winter Christmas dinner with all the trimmings and then start training for it. I started last week. I’m already eating the entire contents of my fridge every night as its been an age since I’ve trained 5/6 times a week. But it feels good. Someone tell me it feels good.

There’s also some very good looking friends in the poster campaign 😉

photo courtesy of Queenstown International Marathon

Photo courtesy of Queenstown International Marathon

I’ve even bought spang-dangly new shoes which I got from The Frontrunner Queenstown so even if I’m last I’ll look amazing. Or something like that. I’ll probably be shouting for gas and air but you get the picture.


And, it get’s even better, because we live here, we get to train on the course! Thus having a totally massive advantage over everyone else. And ladies and gentlemen I need as much help as I can get in this matter.
There’s so many trails to choose from here including the actual run course that you’re spoilt for choice.
Just hope over to here to see how many trails we actually have!

So there you have it. No excuses. Beautiful race to run, beautiful course to train on and gorgeous stuff to wear.
Now where did I put my headphones.

Sam Summers Track

Moke Lake Track (no filter)