I’m not sure about you but a few months ago I didn’t know my downward dog from my labra-doodle. I couldn’t care less about whether my yoga mat matched my yoga pants but my hamstrings were shouting more than they’ve ever shouted before (and that’s pretty loud) and so I got over myself and toddled off to yoga at The Sherwood.

Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Power. Pilates, Restorative….you name it they’ve got it. My whole world was transformed in the little studio above the restaurant. My back stopped hurting, my hamstrings settled themselves and I got to know my warrior two from my crouching tiger. I fell over a heap of times. I wasn’t laughed at (and when I was it was because I was laughing at myself) and I could wear anything I pleased. The fact was that it has become a regular slot in my week. A chance to slow it all down, sweat like a sweaty thing and work out what was hurting and what I should do about it. I didn’t have to know the words, I didn’t have to look ‘yogi’, I was welcomed into a world of some pain and hard work but also encouragement and slow-the-hell-down. There’s also coffee after in the restaurant. And cinnamon swirls. I’ll just leave that there.


They’ve also set up a magical day to celebrate World Yoga Day. On the 21st February 11am- 5pm The Sherwood will be transformed into a yoga heaven. Something for everyone. Six spaces full of ecstatic dancing (lively, sweaty, full body meditation that increases fitness), yoga (hatha………, Iyengar)  Theta Healing (a talk style therapy creating greater self confidence and enhancing well-being), music, wine tasting, mindful eating workshops, kids acrobatics (that I will be trying to sneak into), acupuncture, delicious food. Exhausted? You won’t be.

I for one will be channeling my slow-the-hell-down persona and heading for the mindful eating workshop, a chance to actually taste food that I eat in peaceful surroundings.




Six spaces full of delights for your senses. Fire pit, studio, workshop, courtyard, restaurant and tipi. That gorgeous little tent you’ve always talked about on your drive to work down the Frankton Road? Now you have the opportunity to get inside!

The Sherwood are also super heroes. I know I know you knew that but this event is zero waste. So everything you bring with you (mat, water bottle, creative dance) you must take away with you. So nothing nothing is left behind. The guys there want you to enjoy the day but don’t want to be dumping rubbish into landfill because your plastic habit became a bit out of control. Comprende? Legends.




Now, for all that hard work and sweating you’ll be rewarded. Yes weary traveller, delights for your body but also for your tum. The gorgeous people at Aurum Wines will be giving you a wine tasting session, Karma Cola and Almighty Juices are available.

Did I also mention that all proceeds from the event will go to Borderline Europe? A non-government organisation which aims to raise awareness to the tragedies at European borders.

So to re-cap (because I know you’re excited) the day starts with a registration at 10.30am and starts proper from 11am with an exciting mashup of yoga flow who will be joined with local musical legends Dear Deer to accompany. Music AND yoga. At the same time? Yes, you heard it here people. There’s no messing about.


All the information can also be found here but remember your mat, water bottle, and donation! Registration starts at 10.30am and first class is at 11am.

The Sherwood
554 Frankton Road
03 450 1090