We’re busy. All of us are so busy at the moment. Time of the year? Time of the decade? Who knows but I do know that when it comes to eating out I want to be sorted and if I can do it at my computer beforehand, a happy lady I will be.

I had a hot date (I’m making this up but it’s a story so go with me) and I was at work. The truth of the matter was I was at work and had a hot date and I had forgotten to book anywhere to eat. Crisis?

Crisis yes until First Table.  I heard about First Table through some friends who had children. They were over trying to get a table at restaurants in the busy period times of the year in Queenstown (and believe me there are no real ‘down’ times anymore). They wanted to eat early because the kids had to get their baths in and they had to get home for Criminal Minds. (I totally understand this bit. The TV bit not the bath bit) but it was a nightmare to try and get into somewhere until they tried First Table.

First Table Queenstown

Dining right from your laptop

Know how it works? Are you comfy? Then here’s the Science.

First Table works on the premise that allows restaurants to offer their first table of the evening at a discount. Pay $10 on the site and get 50% off that meals for that reservation. BOOM!

And I mean BOOM! Easy as. The tables are usually quite early (say 5.30-6.30 ish) there are so so many restaurants signed up that I couldn’t decide which one to go for. You can have 2-4 people in your party and as it’s right after work, no having to go home and change (I’m lazy), no having to wade through the queues come 8pm and no having to pay a full bill! Should I repeat that? 50% off the bill.

First Table Queenstown

Drinks aren’t included, you can spend as much as you like and DESSERT IS INCLUDED. I literally knocked over my work colleague to get to the computer. And the date? I took myself.

First Table