I’ve been here for what seems forever now. I’ve walked these streets by day and by night. Sometimes stumbling, sometimes mumbling but always seeking a new picture, a new experience and amazingly in the nearly 9 years, I’m still finding them.

My mum always taught me to look up. To see what other’s often miss and look beyond the new and see the older, paint peeling, wall whispering side of any place I live. And so this is where I bring you to my favourite places in Queenstown. Some new, some old.



Eichardt’s for cocktails

Cozy, resplendent and you’d take your boyfriends mum there to impress her. Eichardt’s is one of Queenstown’s oldest hotels. I’ve never stayed there (and I probably never will) my bank manager would search me out and kill me but a little tipple in the evening is perfect. There’s also tapas to go with your Espresso Martini. I may have managed more than one.


Sam Summers for solitude

Whenever my head wants to fall off with the busyness of the town I get in my car and drive out to Sam Summers Track. I always go anti clockwise (its my party I can cry if I want to) and I always know I’ll be breathing through my ears within about 5 minutes (really 2 minutes but I want you to be impressed) Up up up to the clouds and then some, this gorgeous track weaves its way through forest, scrubland and the hut of sam summers (a wee bit creepy, go in if you dare) then zooms down passing water falls, more forest and lake views. You’re allowed an ice-cream after this one. Drive along the road towards Glenorchy and see the Mount Crighton track car park. Park there and go right.


The Find for noise

The Find born out of fire, lives to make people happy. There’s music, teapots, lighting, burgers as tall as the tallest boy in your class at school and they are open all night. You can eat, dance, drink, throw up on your shoes and then have breakfast all in one day. Result!


Walk in Wardrobe for treasures

Set up only a few years ago, The Walk in Wardrobe offers Queenstowner’s a bargain in the name of fashion. Want a new outfit for saturday night dancing? Head here because your bank balance won’t explode and you can afford to buy your new squeeze hot chips on the way home. You can also take that mint green diamante cat suit your aunt bought you for christmas and get some money or swag in return as they do swapsie’s.


Blue Door for romance

Take your next schmooze (I’m writing this I can make up words) to Blue Door in Arrowtown and he/ she will be asking you down the aisle and to meet his/her granny before you can say pinot noir with a twist.

Hidden in the wall of an Arrowtown back street, there’s more of the finest whiskey’s than you can shake a stick at (no shaking though we don’t like violence) and the fire burns all year round because, well, why not. I love taking friend’s there to impress as it’s cute without being sickly and chic without having to get out your sunday best. Go, you’ll love me for it.


Atlas for steak

Atlas is one of those ‘old friend’ bars. Small, full of locals and ‘dudes’ fresh from mountain biking, good local beer and steaks you’d sell a small child for (but affordable so you don’t have to- comprende?!) It’s somewhere you have to be told about because it’s hidden away at the other end of town and it’s so small you could walk into the lake before you saw it. We don’t want to do that to you, the lake is fresh as a daisy this time of year. (Who am I kidding it’s fresh all year)


So there you go lovely readers. My little treats for your perusal. And don’t say I didn’t warn you about the green cat suit you just bought after 2 espresso martini’s. The decision’s you make on your holiday are your problem.



Queenstown Life can be found perusing these joints but if you want to contact us and get on this list email:  [email protected]