Last thursday I took part in a great set up at Front Room Gallery (held at Fluid) where speakers have 10 minutes to discuss anything they want. Topics have been cycling, rafting, travel, science, design, culture, arts. A very cool way to get your message or pictures out there, drink wine and hang out with a really lovely bunch of people.

This week I took my turn to talk about my Queenstown life. I was nervous as hell, which is funny as I’ve spoken in front of people many times for work but never about myself. The usual “i’m boring, no one with any right mind will want to listen” went through the head. But sometimes you just have to suck it up and take on the scary. Scary is good. Especially at 35 when not much happens scary anymore as we get so comfortable.

We had talks from Damian Chaparro from Aro Ha, Bex Coutts “People i’ve met, Toby Stanton “BNI revealed’, Emma Pullar “hospital rooms upgrade’, Justin Wright ‘Zoo weddings’.

Come along next time. They advertise on Facebook and if you’re brave enough, take to the stage yourself!

Thank you to Leigh at Frontroom and Darren Craig at Fully Charged Media for some of the photos.

Upfront is on Facebook.

Fluid Visual Communications is found at 10 Memorial Street, Queenstown


Hands in full flow

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