Man Bag

PictureMan Bag aka Leather Satchel $60

Notice said ‘man bag’, so when you google ‘man bags’ boys and men, this blog will come up.
See what I did there? I blog for all- man, woman and child.And now back to me and my shopping.

Welcome readers to Pony Lane. A heaven, ultimate heaven, in online shopping. For all those things you need (and don’t need, I’m not that evil) online for 24 hours out of the day.

That’s all day shopping. Even when you should be asleep.



I love shopping in Queenstown and Central, I really do, but sometimes there’s just not the right thing in town and so sometimes I have to venture online.
I would obviously rather buy from New Zealand than anywhere (as you lot are so freakin’ talented) and so I stumbled upon Pony Lane.I knew I had hit gold jackpot for all things home wear, stationary and gifts (and man stuff too) when every page I drooled upon the same sentence resonated “want that one”, “want that”, “love that”, “need that”.


Gifts for him, her, kids, home wear, jewellery, glass, kitchen ware, novelties, paper, cards, bags, purses, gifts, cushions, lighting…I could go on. But it’s late and you’re shopping when you should be sleeping…


Two very clever sisters Jennifer and Karina (aka Pony Lane) found that they loved bringing home gorgeous things from their travels and continually found friends asking “where did you get that from” and “where can I get that” and so Pony Lane appeared like beacon of light. They obviously like each other (and lend each other stuff without fighting over it) as their web site continues to grow every day.I can just imagine the bedrooms of these two guys as teenagers.

These happen to be my favourite things and look there’s plenty of them so my flatmate also got “I want this one” til the wee small hours.

Based in Wellington these two creative types love visiting Queenstown (we like them already) and they also stand by their statement of bringing “affordable “statement and staples” prices to the New Zealand homeware, stationery and gift market. We individually source all items for people like us where items can be a treat for oneself, not a guilty splurge.”Not a guilty splurge. Did you hear me. It’s good for you. Like fruit and vegetables. Only looks nicer on your wall or in your bedroom.

Thank you Pony Lane. We salute you.

BUT WAIT. It goes on. Like a Fergburger that never ends. They are also stockists of their other sister Angela’s company ‘Craft Me Up‘ (wow christmas’s must have been pretty darn creative in their house) which is a further craft lovers delight.
Purses, badges and buttons, earrings, the list goes on. It’s like never having to think of what gift to buy again. All on one page.

OFFER: The gorgeous gorgeous ladies at Ponylane are offering FREE SHIPPING until the 30th June for all Queenstownlife readers. Just enter QTLIFE discount code at the check out. You’re welcome