Maybe a random post as this is not about Queenstown, but I feel it is. Good friends are made in Queenstown and often good friends decide to leave (humpf), decide to leave and go to Ireland (humpf) and then open a B&B (what!).
Then Queenstownlife decides to travel home to the UK for a while and make a whistle-stop tour at said B&B (yay!)
And yay it was.WOW.
Shola Coach House Boutique Bed and Breakfast in Portrush, Northern Island is stunning. End of. My work is done.Just joking. My mum and I flew to Belfast for a week of relaxation in gorgeous Northern Island. Now many of you (I know I know) are thinking, Northern Island? For a sunny holiday? But stop right there my friends, all perceptions are to be changed.
The weather- gorgeous. The beaches- quiet, peaceful, great for walking. The B&B- beyond all expectations.The sea- bloody freezing.


Sharon and Dave Shindler have been at Shola for well over a year (we miss you) and previously having no experience in this field have done an outstanding job. A 90 minute drive from Belfast International Airport , 75 minutes from Larne or Belfast port or 1.5 miles from the local train station and you are surrounded by green fields, wistful
beaches and breakfast’s so large your eyes will pop out of your head.  So you have no excuse.Portrush is a small seaside town filled with antique shops, restaurants, pubs and amusements. For those wanting something quieter, there are plenty of walks, running trails, castles, drives, golf and beaches to explore. Or just hang out at Shola and relax.We stayed for the week and every morning were greeted by fresh Guiness bread, coffee (Did i mention I love my coffee) and a menu the length of my arm. And every morning I had to have a wee sit down before I could leave the house.I also loved sitting down (common theme?) and not knowing who would be joining us at the breakfast table each morning. French, American, Irish and English guests which told me the word about Shola was getting out there. 🙂
And I liked that.

If you go over to their website NOW there’s a spring saver. (Yes it’s spring over there. Am I trying to confuse you? The answer is yes. And back in the room)There’s a raft and a mean raft of things to do around here. From jumping into the ocean (its freezing), Giants Causeway (breathtaking), trails to run and bike on, restaurants to eat in and just relaxing around the house if thats your thing. (it’s mine) and Belfast isn’t far away.Take at look at the website and you’ll see why we didn’t want to leave.

Sharon and Dave I salute you. And miss you too.

Shola Coach House Boutique Bed and Breakfast
Telephone: +44 (0) 28 7082 5925

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