Picture Booth Queenstown

You know the scene. White dress, mother-in-law in floods of tears, cake (I’m smitten already), band playing Michael Jackson on the lawn. You’ve had your fill, smooched to a dance or two and out of the corner of your eye you see it. A upright tall box standing, waiting, alone. You’re intrigued. Your curiosity gets the better of you.

Wandering over there’s a few people gathered. There’s costumes, hats, moustaches on sticks, your mother is laughing more than she has in years and is pulling faces at your dad dressed as a policeman. What is this thing?

Welcome to Sweet Pix Photo Booth. An amazing new creation available for your wedding, event, function, birthday party. Or just because you want tons of photos of all your mates dressed as monkeys. It’s brilliant, it’s fun and it’s here.

The wonder child of Suzi and Kris Frew. (I said I knew that name she replied “there’s a Frew of us around”) I’m gonna like this girl, and why wouldn’t you. A woman who wants to make people laugh. I love it. The concept, the idea, the package. Simple.

Photo booth queenstown

Born in a little place called Gore (you may have heard of it) Suzi has travelled extensively. And I mean back and forth bless her. Give the girl a seat will you. Te Anau, Christchurch (snagging Kris, now her husband), Arrowtown, London, Queenstown, Banff, Vancouver and finally back to Queenstown where she, husband and 2 children in tow settled in for the foreseeable. I’m totally exhausted. Yet another amazing woman doing amazing things all the while, making home, wiping snotty noses, changing nappies and making people laugh in the process. I can hardly drag myself out of bed in a morning.

photo booth queenstown

Seeing and experiencing a photo booth at a friend’s wedding, Suzi loved the idea. It stuck in her head. I always think if something sticks in your head long enough you should act on it and that’s just what she did. Some friends thought she was crazy but she knew there was something in it and the friends who had experienced a photo booth before gave her that final push to go with her gut.

Wanting something to sink her teeth into after the birth of her 2nd child she explored the idea on the web and found a perfect booth to buy. It was alot of work- being new to business it was foreign territory but slowly and surely Suzi learnt the ropes and set about making her dream reality. Suzi had had some small business experience before, working as a freelance makeup artist (I’m hoping she can also teach me a thing or two) but trying to convince a bank to see her dream as reality was a little bit harder. Finally, they understood and off like a rocket she went.

Queenstown will always be a wedding destination, and a popular place for corporate events and parties.It will always be somewhere people flock to and we’re a bit quirky here (I don’t mind saying) why not have something quirky to offer people. A chance to capture fun, personality and your friends and family all in one lovely package.

photo booth QueenstownFeedback and comments are often amusing and always positive. Some members of the older generation who think it’s for passports. (I said go with it, she could make a fortune 😉 People’s personalities are uncovered as to what they pick to disguise themselves, children whoop with the sheer fun and encouragement of it all. It’s such light relief and a great icebreaker for all events. I want to buy one just to have in my house. But then I’d never leave the house and I have a job trying to do that in the first place.

photo booth queenstown

Suzi travels to Queenstown, Cromwell, Clyde, Wanaka and most of Central Otago.

Packages are all available on the website along with FAQ’s, pricing and guidelines. Photos come in 3’s or 4’s depending on whether you want text on there too.

For all other information check her out on Facebook or just call 021 531 240 or email [email protected]

You better be quick or I’ll be coming along for the ride!

photo Booth Queenstown

photo booth queenstownphoto booth Queenstown