Queenstownlife podcast perfect work week

📍What would it feel like to have the perfect work week where you decide what happens? 

✅ You get to pick the kids up when you want
✅ You don’t work Wednesdays
✅ You work 10-3
✅ You don’t have to be working at night and at weekends.
✅ You get to have the whole of January off

Amazing right? But currently, you’re shackled to what your employer wants or your work week is being led by other people. In this episode I’m going to walk you through what a perfect work week looks like and how you can have one starting today.

How does Monday morning feel to you? How does Friday afternoon feel? If you’re overwhelmed, stressed, or feel like you’re chasing your tail you are not alone my friend. 

Most of the clients I work with feel like someone else dictates their schedule even when they have a business of their own that they set up to have a schedule that they control

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