Queenstown Life Tenth Birthday

We are TEN

Holy HECK I can’t believe it. Ten years of writing, chatting, podcasting, photographing, gramming, facebooking, tweeting, pinteresting and being in contact with some of the most epic bunch of people ever.

This blog started when blogging was only just a wee teeny tiny duckling shouting to everyone “Blogging’s gonna be big” and listening to the deafening silence. There were no bloggers in Queenstown in 2013 (apart from Backpacking Matt) and influencing was completely and utterly not a thing.

I knew it then and I know it now. Queenstown is such a magical place and everyone who visits, lives, and dreams of coming here feel it.

It’s been 17 years for me and I’m still in love with it.

What started as a way to tell business owners, interesting souls’ stories expanded into a fully-fledged full-time job and back again to part-time, some time, passion project. It has now expanded into something totally different but it still has stories at its heart. And me.

Queenstown Life Tenth Birthday

We been through the HIGH SATURATION iPhone photos, the invoices on bits of paper, the $30,000 months, the ups and the downs. The podcast in 2014 that started on this page here (yes!) and then moved into it’s own existence 

What a whirlwind! So here’s to another ten years and beyond!