Borne out of the mountains of Wānaka, 1964 Mountain Culture/ Aotearoa magazine set its stake firmly in the ground with its strong narrative about the outdoors.

Stories that emit a strong whiff of adventure and a culture that is all about the stuff not the guff. 

Named after the year Mount Aspiring National Park was founded, 1964 writes all about being in our back yard (the mountains we play in). The people who make our lives what they are; creative, exhilarating, sometimes difficult but always teaching us new ways of being cognisant of our surroundings.

A beautiful selection of stories from many different writers including editor/ Co-founder Laura Williamson, Publisher/ Co-Founder Nathan Weathington and produced by Leslie Eaton. 

Contributors include local and Aotearoa wide writers and photographers all with their own keen sense of adventure and the outdoors. 

1964 mountain culture / Aotearoa

1964 can be found in all your local pubs, outdoor stores, cafes. lodges and backcountry huts. To subscribe get in touch here 

1964 Magazine

I wrote about 1964 because I like them and thought you might too!